Britain: Muslim Paedophile Ring Uncovered
Posted on: 2009-03-27 21:39:04

26 March 09

For the last three months the BNP have been liasing with the parents of young, sexually abused white girls in two Northern cities.

We have not accounced in public the information we have been given as we have been waiting for the Police to finish their investigations and arrest the scum involved, and to make sure they did not return to their country of origin.

Yesterday, the 25th March 2009, in just one Northern town the police arrested FIFTY suspected Asian Muslim paedophiles who have been involved in the racist sexual grooming and rape of young, underage white girls.

These men have been involved in the grooming and organised racist rapes of young white girls as young as 11 years old.

Today a press conference may be called where the news will be announced.


This is not the first time such campaigns of racist rape against young white girls by Muslims have been investigated and prosecuted...

This is an epidemic of sexual terrorism, of child rape and grooming, of forcing young white girls onto drugs then molesting them and then passing them onto their friends to rape and molest.

These people are lower than animals, yet the government and police will not hold a public inquiry into just how endemic and prevalent this crime is in our country.

The BNP will be running a campaign to get a public inquiry started to investigate these crimes.

I will post more information on this blog as we get it.

In the meantime pass this information onto others and let us see whether the media cover this story or if it is covered up.

If it is covered up then we need to start asking ourselves how many other stories like this are being covered up, how many other rape gangs are operating in our country and also how we are going to get the publicity to warn parents and children about the dangers in their midst.


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