"Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!"
Posted on: 2009-03-24 18:38:59

Politico: Obama seeks 'filter-free' news

The Politico title is misleading; it should read, "Obama seeks critique-free press," since the Obama administration has embarked on a strategy to go above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media that team Obama deems friendly to their causes. In other words, Team Obama doesn't want to be subjected to the scrutiny of the WH press corps as all previous presidents have done:



Obama administration seeking expanded power to seize firms (A Marxist administration shows its true colors)...
Obama 'Brownshirts' Bill Now Working Its Way Through The Senate:
This dangerous bill is unquestionably nothing less than a way to further fund and indoctrinate more foot soldiers for the Democrat Party, following the Marxist model of Saul Alinsky.
Secret Document Leaked. The Obama Administration Is Branding Libertarians and Abortion Opponents as Hidden Terrorists
Facism even the ACLU is against!
House Passes Bill To Create Barack's Brownshirts
(Obamessiah is pushing to community organize all of us into his own league of Socialist Brownshirts.)

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