EAU Member Receives Warning From Kenyan Immigrant
Posted on: 2009-01-20 19:23:19

For obvious reasons we here at WVWNews are not going to reveal our member's full name or her location.  -- Ed.

Received via email 01202009:

This weekend I went to my local hardware store to buy numerous things for my kitchen. I have been going to this hardware store for everything - regularly - for over six years. The store is owned by Asians, and they only hire Kenyan "immigrants" to work for them. I was never sure how much English any of these people speak as whenever I would attempt courteous, friendly small talk with them they would never speak back to me. That's typical behavior for the "immigrants" in my neighborhood with whom I deal with regularly. Remember, this is six years of daily experience talking.

The store on Sunday (01182009) was very busy and I was reaching for something that was placed too high when one of the Kenyan guys came up, scolding me like I was a child climbing the cupboards in my mother's kitchen. This guy I am familiar with; and I had no idea he spoke English. This was the first time in six years he could be bothered to speak directly to me.

I stepped back, took a deep breath, smiled and said, "If you could help me that would be so nice, thank you."

He stepped forward, just 5 inches from my face, smiled and said, "You listen to me now. This is NOT your country anymore."

I dropped my basket of pots and pans etc. at his feet with a loud bang and said loudly: "How dare you. This IS my country... how dare you say that!"

He loved it.

I am trying to tell people: when you are female, small, young-looking and alone foreigners do not put on the act for you.

CONSIDER ME THE CANARY IN THE COALMINE, PEOPLE. THIS IS WHAT WE'RE IN FOR: CIVIL WAR. But it won't be Americans fighting each other this time. It will be foreigners here on our soil fighting us.

Think about it: he had no idea whether or not I voted for his messiah. All he knew was that I am white. It's not the white people's country anymore. This is what this "immigrant" is telling me.


-- Jill

We will lose our nation only if we allow it to happen any further. We must stay busy, stay informed, and stay active. -- Ed.

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