Greece Burns
Posted on: 2008-12-08 12:18:21

Civil War In Europe

By Lee Barnes

If you want to understand how multiculturalism is starting to collapse, take a look at the fringes of Europe which are on the front line of mass immigration.

Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, is a nation occupied by immigrant hordes.

For the last few nights the immigrants, immigrant criminals and Greek anarchists have been rioting in the Greek streets, these criminals being hordes of illegal immigrants, bogus asylum seekers, alien criminals, drugs traffickers, sex slavers, pick pockets, people smugglers and the rest of the immigrant criminals that are eating away at Europe in the name of tolerance.

They are attacking the Greek state for its refusal to allow them to claim citizenship in Greece. The Greek Anarchists and Communists are organizing with the illegal immigrants and criminals to attack the Greek State.

As is usual in France, Belgium, Bradford, Oldham - these criminals rioting are called youth.

The fact they may be youths is irrelevant to what they really are - immigrants.

Be they legitimate immigrants or illegal immigrants they virtually are all immigrants who are mainly rioting.

But at the head of this mob are the real enemies of Europe - the inner traitors of our kin and countries.

The riots in Greece are being led by the Greek anarchists and Communists who use the criminals and illegal immigrant armies on the streets of Greece as their foot soldiers.

This is a direct attack on the power of the Greek State by the two organized social forces - the anarchist / communist parties and the illegal immigrant groups and illegal immigrant organized crime groups.

The aim is not to bring down the State, as that would usher in the real enemy of the State, but simply to cause enough chaos so that the State may pass ever more new laws that criminalize any aspects of the rejection of the Liberal Consensus, Political Correctness and multiculturalism.

While the anarchists organize the riots, the immigrants provide the foot soldiers on the streets - but the real enemy are in the newspapers pumping out propaganda that eulogises the criminals and punishes the victims. The newspapers that sell the system to the people and then pretend that is a "free choice" and who elect parties who work for them. The lawyers who use the riots to bring in new laws to give citizenship rights to immigrants, the race relations shucksters who are awarded tens of millions of pounds to prevent "communal tensions," the QUANGOs, the NGOs and the rest of the parasites of the Servile State.

The State will not, and cannot, enforce order.

In a liberal multicultural society the use of state power as physical force may only be applied against majorities and never against minorities.

The sanction of state violence is a tool in the armory of the liberal society, only when it is the majority that are the revolutionary mass. According to liberal dogma, majorities must surrender.

This is why the media, which is merely another arm of the corporate elite that controls politics via their funding of the political parties in governments, is sanctioned to attack the Greek people for defending themselves.

The media must attack the majority, for the role of the media is itself to maintain the rule of a minority - that minority being the liberal elite, the political puppets and the corporate parasites that control our societies.

The media is itself the primary component in the Tyranny Of The Minorities, for the printing presses and TV stations of this elite are the puppet strings that are pulled by the puppet masters.

At all times in our so called liberal societies the silent assassination of all those individuals and movements that are a challenge to the power of the system goes on.

The system likes to SHOUT about its useful enemies such as Al Qaeda, for they are far away, useful for getting boots on the ground and access to oil wells. You can wage a lot of wars against phantoms.

This is why the media SHOUTS LOUDLY about Al Qaeda, as that way the political puppets of the liberal elite will be able to use the old Fear + Threat = surrender to authority paradigm to pass new laws, such as restrictions on the right of free speech, to shut down the real threat to their power.

This is where we also hit the 'Chomskyite Paradox'.

This is the fact that when Noam Chomsky first analyzed brilliantly the power structures of society in his Manufacturing Consent Theory the left/far left politics that he espoused in that theory as the antithesis of the system and that were to be regarded as the THREATS to the system, have now become PART OF THE SYSTEM.

Anarchism and Communism are the sisters of Liberalism. Liberalism is happy to hold hands with both the Anarchists and the Communists. All three sisters are united in their hatred of any concept of NATIONALISM.

Anarchism requires chaos to grow so the importation of immigrants increases social breakdown and foments anarchy, Liberalism is based on the universality of human rights and therefore denies the validity of national borders (yet ignores the fact that RIGHTS and LIBERTIES are different - rights may be universal but all liberty is local) whilst Communism is predicated on the International Society. Each regard nationalism as the antithesis of their existence, and therefore sanction the silent assassination of nationalism and nationalists in all our nations.

At the same time this unity of antipathy to the very concept of the national state ideal and the peoples state ideal, allows all three sisters to benefit from mass immigration.

They can use the radicalized immigrant masses for their own benefits, so as to foment social unrest and thereby allow the State to pass ever more restrictive laws, not against the anarchists and the criminals who are rioting, but against any Greeks who dare reveal that the Emperor has no clothes - those who dare stand up for Greece, stand up for the Greek people and who demand an end to mass immigration and the destruction of our nations and national cultures.

Chomsky analyzed the problem, diagnosed the disease but offered the wrong cure.

The only cure to the sickness of our nations and societies is Nationalism.

The ONLY enemy that is despised by the Capitalist Right of the Tories and The Telegraph, by the Liberal cringing fops on The Independent and the Labour lickspittle lefties on The Guardian is the ideology of NATIONALISM.

It is our honor to be despised by all traitors and crooks.

The idea that a nation must be ruled by its own citizens, that democracy must rule over any tyranny of the minorities and that a small State that represents only the interests of its own citizens and their constitutional rights is a better instrument of Liberty than any bloated Banking Bolshevik State run by champagne socialist fools and fat cat capitalist crooks using public debt to grease the wheels of the Servile State - these are the fundamental nationalist positions that must be imposed in Greek society in order for Greece to survive as a nation.

While Europe burns, traitors run our nations.

These riots in Greece are a symptom of the coming collapse of the European project of the multicultural ideology itself, from Greece to Ireland.

It is the nature of all Empires to collapse, for that which is created by Man must fall, as must Man himself.

Ideologies take root, they grow, bloom and then fade away and die.

Just as the Hunter Gatherer stage of Man gave way other forms of human social organization, just as feudalism gave way to democracy, just as the Oil Age replaced the Coal Age - multiculturalism itself, and the economic logic that sustained its brief appearance in Western Civilization, are both now dead.

As a result of the Credit Crunch the economic logic, or insanity as it has now been revealed as, of mass immigration is now defunct.

Mass immigration into the UK, into a nation where the Financial Sector and the Services Industries were the primary employers, was always an idiotic idea.

Wages may have been kept low in the fat years and inflation kept down, but in the event of an economic downturn the immigrants simply become economic liabilities.

Government must begin to remove these people from the nation right now before the economic situation collapses and we see what is happening in Greece break out all across Europe.

We can see that the present puppets of the political system will not and cannot solve the problems we face, so therefore a new politics is called for.

History has been here before.

Once it was the Roman elite who hid in their palatial Ivory Towers and watched the smoke rising from the districts of the poor in the distance, but each night the fires grew brighter in their fury, the rioting mobs drew closer and the acrid smoke lingered longer in the morning air.

Soon the fires will be seen even in the bastions of the elite themselves, in their enclaves of wealth, whiteness and privilege - and they shall see all the lies and illusions that they have built upon the ruin and rubble of our nations burn down before their very eyes.

As once it was in Rome, so shall it be again.


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