First Attacks on BNP Terror Targets
Posted on: 2008-11-21 12:55:36

Car bombed near alleged member's home

by S. Sanders for Western Voices

The first physical terrorist attack stemming from a stolen, leaked British National Party membership list may have occurred. Late on the night of November 20, a car was firebombed near the home of a person whose name appeared on the list, which had been illegally uploaded to the internet days before. The vehicle does not belong to the named person, who is not even a BNP member, but Counter Terrorism Police are suspicious, since the man named as a member lives next door to the vehicle's owner, on the same street in West Yorkshire, a British National Party stronghold. Other serious harassment, which appears to be organized, has been reported across all of the UK. Desperate measures like this have long been part of the toolkit of antiwhite forces, often in concert with government. "Diversity" and "tolerance" only apply to those they agree with.

The harassment began within hours after an old membership list, with over twelve thousand names and addresses, many of current members as well as people who never had anything to do with the BNP, was uploaded to the internet in violation of a number of UK laws. The release of the list was a terrorist act carefully timed to cause a maximum of destruction and damage to the BNP, a legal political party which continues to gain electoral support and in 2009 is poised to add a European Union parliamentary seat to its stunning 2008 capture of a seat on the London Assembly, a development which left the Establishment reeling with shock. The leak came just days after the BNP's David Owens scored what the media call a "shock win" at the ballot boxes for a seat on the Borough Council in Boston, Lincolnshire, and the day after the completion of the BNP's highly successful national conference, the last before the important EU elections, and weeks before the BNP's annual membership renewal drive. The list also went live the night before BNP activist Adam Walker faced his labor relations hearing into the legality of the political persecution he suffers in the teaching profession. The leak was also quickly followed with an attempt to have the BNP's London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, "investigated," and calls from various unions, long sold out and run by far left ideologues, to be allowed to ban BNP members from working, a position supported by various Islamists. As Simon Darby, BNP Deputy Chairman, said, the leak and its fallout "is a cynically calculated move to plant the idea in people's minds that if you object to Labour and consequently agree with the BNP, you lose the right to earn a living and feed your family."

Anyone in possession of the list is in receipt of stolen property, which is why "official" groups linked to campaigns against the BNP have had to pretend to publicly distance themselves from the leak and condemn the release. But that has not stopped a clearly concerted harassment campaign from far left thugs linked to the ruling Labour Party: numerous coordinated crank calls, death threats and other "brave" anonymous acts, as well as internet threats of rape, murder and assault. Many of those threatened are elderly, disabled or children and teenagers. Far left activists in the UK have advocated violence against the children of BNP members in the past. (Check out the video here from an outraged person who is not a BNP member discussing the harassment of two elderly people). If the criminal intent was not clear, anonymous "tough guys" even created searchable maps with the locations of members on them.

More worrying are reports that the list has been copied to Islamist sites and lists, and that copies may be handed out at Friday prayers at mosques. Mosques in the UK have long served as incubators for terrorism linked to al Qaeda and other groups, a fact BNP Chairman Nick Griffin was prosecuted for pointing out, but which even MI5, the UK's "secret police," now openly admit. Additionally, Muslim drug gangs, which often also pimp white girls, have been targeted by BNP campaigns. Armed self defense, and even the possession of firearms, is essentially illegal in the UK.

The BNP expect little help from the Labour government, whose Home Secretary, the vile Jacqui Smith, smirked, "I wonder why BNP members are ashamed of their details getting out in public." Members, of course, are not "ashamed" at all. Many of them are worried because of the violence of the BNP's sworn enemies, and the silent support they get from the Labour regime, as proved by Smith's cynical statement.

Additionally, while new labor laws make it difficult to fire people for political opinions, the climate of hate the government, media and special interests have stoked against the BNP has fostered a climate of self righteous, holier than thou intolerance in many people who oppose the BNP out of ignorance and/or hate. (Check out the video here of a particularly obnoxious and pathetic little weasel displaying this mindset). The result could be illegal dismissals and job harassment.

Outrageously, serving military and naval personnel, police officers and prison officials are banned from BNP membership, despite the fact that a National Black Police Officers Association operates openly and with the support of law enforcement brass, and membership in Islamist organizations is likewise open to cops. No-one, of course, suggests that these police officers would not be "impartial" in their work, but as with all other aspects of life, different rules apply to white people. Similarly, while teachers may still be allowed freedom of association if Adam Walker prevails in his hearing, the head of the teachers' own UNION has called for BNP members to be barred from the profession!

Gone are the days when unions backed their members against the bosses, except for one outstanding group, Solidarity, which has pledged to support anyone persecuted for BNP membership. A group of lawyers has also offered to do pro bono work for the BNP membership. In fact, as things have shaken out over the course of the days following the leak, many are calling it an "own goal" for the BNP's enemies. Part of the British character has traditionally been to side with the victim of unfairness, and that seems to be coming into play here. Hundreds of posts on leftist and nationalist sites have appeared from liberals and leftists condemning the leak. Very few BNP members have resigned or decided not to renew, with an influx of new members and many of those who belong upgrading their membership commitments financially and with pledges of increased activism. The BNP's organizational site is now the most popular party political site in the world, swamped with hits since news of the leak broke, and Nick Griffin has made powerful appearances on all the top television and radio programs.

Indeed, the leak comes at the very end of the period when such terrorist stunts were effective in the UK, and actually shows the desperation of those who wish to liquidate Britain as a white nation. Since Nick Griffin was elected to lead the BNP in 1999, he has taken the party in a direction intended to break out of the political ghetto and address the real needs and concerns of ordinary people. With all the "mainstream" parties pledged to ruin the UK through Third World immigration, a yawning vacuum existed for a serious, progressive nationalist alternative that spoke in terms people could connect with. Griffin's BNP turned its back on confrontations with loony leftists and polished the image of the BNP as the voice of the white working and middle class. The result has been an influx of thousands of successful, talented people, numerous elected officials, and hundreds of thousands of votes. The dwindling number of protesters outside BNP events shows only a shadow of the former power of antiwhite forces as the BNP message continues to connect with betrayed whites. The impending electoral breakthroughs of the BNP will make the party even more "respectable," and shrink down to nothing the room antiwhite terrorists and their "watchdog" allies have to operate in. Sadly, many "hardline" elements who see the BNP's course as a "sellout" now identically echo the arguments and attacks made on the BNP from open enemies. The inescapable conclusion for some is that, much as in the United States, many of those who call for "extreme" measures and images are in fact working, wittingly or otherwise, for the very same Establishment they so vociferously claim to oppose. Certainly, the behaviors of some of them, which seems calculated to widen confusion and sow dissent at a time when the BNP needs a "shield wall" of unity and focus, leave a lot of unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, the BNP have pledged to work with the police to bring to justice whoever did leak their old membership list. The clear intent was to disrupt and damage a force that is no longer containable, a plan that looks as if it has failed.

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