Racial Question Mark Over Pennsylvania Town
Posted on: 2008-10-24 14:02:59

Race is the question mark hanging over this election.

Will "Closet Racism" Derail Obama?

By Dumeetha Luthra
BBC News, Uniontown, Pennsylvania

"I'm not voting for Obama, he's black."

Charles is a registered Democrat in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

"If it wasn't for Obama I would vote Democrat. Blacks just cause trouble, that's the taste I've got in my mouth."

Race is the question mark hanging over this election.

Barack Obama is ahead in the polls. There's a widespread feeling now that the election is his to lose.

But there is something that is worrying Democrats. How accurate are the polls? How many voters are saying they will vote for Mr Obama because they do not want to be perceived as racist?

Once they enter the polling booth will it be a different story?

Simply put, how many people out there think like Charles but are not admitting it?

Charles said the vast majority of his friends felt the same way as him.

Uniontown is a rural town in south-west Pennsylvania. Its countryside is breathtaking, particularly now as the leaves change their colour from green to gold to burnt red.

But the area is poor and unemployment is high.

Traditionally it is staunchly Democrat - but race is an election issue.


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