The Clowns That Killed Democracy
Posted on: 2008-09-23 16:45:14

When Protest Is Terrorism

Scum Target Children in Hate Campaign

by Lee John Barnes

Leftists Aid Government, Islamists in Cologne

It is one of the great ironies of history that the collaborators in the Islamist takeover of our nations were primarily the spoilt, degenerate, well educated whelps of the middle classes who embraced the defence of Islamism as a way to shock mummy and daddy and show their 'solidarity' with the working class and the pseudo-plebians of the Muslim community.

These mummy's boys and daddy's girls of the far left and the anarchist fringe are the greatest foot soldiers Capitalism and Islamism ever had. Straight from the palatial parts of town where only the wealthy reside and then into the ghettoes for a few years of trust fund hippiedom, these snivelling brats are the collaborators in the death of our national democracies.

Police cordons are not harsh enough for these criminals that use petrol bombs and bricks to usurp and deny democracy, it is time the police broke out the rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas.

Those that use violence to deny democracy must feel the full force of violence back.

Those that throw petrol bombs at the police must be smashed to the ground with rubber bullets then beaten with truncheons and dragged away into prisons.

That that seek to suffocate free speech by hurling bricks, must be choked into surrender with tear gas grenades.

When criminals with clown masks try to kill democracy and bring chaos to our streets, let them feel the well directed weapons of law and order.

A snivelling, apologist article for the terrorism of the left in Cologne appeared in The Times.

The reason why the Times is such a gutless joke is because the Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the global media baron. The growth of the global news nexus as represented by Murdoch has been marked by a corresponding collapse in both free speech in our nations and the editorial independence of such papers.

Murdoch as a globalist knows that if one of his papers in the UK prints something negative about Islam then the forces of Islam across the planet will organise in every nation to put pressure on the newspapers and corporate assets he owns in those nations.

This is how the Caliphate already grows and exists - it has power over us already because gutless bastards like Murdoch do not want to upset Islam for fear of his profits being undermined around the world.

The Caliphate will be built not with conquests but with surrenders.

Islam does not have to defeat the West, all it has to do is sit back and watch the West destroy itself.

The most idiotic thing Osama Bin Laden did was awaken the US by attacking America on 911 - if he had just left the West alone then the liberals, the capitalists, the leftists and the rest of the self hating white filth of our nations would have eaten away our nations from within as a termite infestation hollows out a tree.

Within a few years the liberals would ensured that the West would have simply died in its sleep of senility and drug overdoses, choking on its own puke in the gutters of our streets and mewling to itself over the 'sins' of its fathers.

Islamism would have not needed a war, as the liberals would have already waved the white flag and opened the gates of our nations to the hordes encamped outside.

The conquest is from within, not from without.

The battles against Islam are not in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are in our university campuses against the academics that are the propagandists and apologists for Islam, they are in the newspapers that arselick the Islamists for fear of offending them, it is in our streets where the mosques are being used as propaganda vehicles for radicals and terrorism, it is in our schools where teachers are indoctrinating our children into surrendering to Islam, it is in our media which depicts nationalists as nazis and terrorists as victims.

The war against Islam is the one front we can win, but by fighting the battle we accelerate our own demise.

This is because the war against terrorism is a phoney war, the real war is here at home and the real enemy within our people.

The real war is within our public institutions and civil society and the real enemy are not the Islamists - it is the liberals, the leftists and the apologists who pave the way for the Caliphate by surrendering our society to them.

The surrender of our democracy to the media cowards is just one battle the Islamists have already won.

The liberals have surrendered our free speech, our right to protest against Islam, they have criminalised those who speak about Islamism, they have forced our children to be indoctrinated with Islam in their schools, they have forced the police to bow before the dictates of Imams and islamic pressure groups and they have surrendered to the Islamists at every stage.

The Islamists push, and we retreat.

The Islamists bomb us, and we give up our freedoms.

This is how the Caliphate is being built, as a brick at a time we dismantle our freedoms, our culture and rights and build a prison for ourselves out of the rubble of our nations and democracies.

The fact that the far left are the footsoldiers of capitalism is how Islamism will conquer our streets.

The fools of the far left that dribbled onto the streets of Cologne over the weekend to kill democracy in the name of Islamism do not live in the working class areas they invade, oh no, these scum live in the grandest houses of Germany with their spoilt, wealthy parents who have lived through the period of greatest prosperity in German history and have become bored, decadent, degenerate filth.

I say let the whole stinking system burn, let it choke on its own vomit as it snorts, injects and drinks itself into oblivion.

There is nothing worth saving of such a Germany, it deserves only the flames of its own making.

Today we stand on the edge of economic collapse whilst our civilisation worships its own slow suicide.

I say let us plunge over the abyss into the darkness below, for in so doing we shall see a new dawn rise.

Only when the plug is pulled on the life support systems of this sick system and all those parasites, perverts, criminals and scum that infest our nations, political systems, legal systems and culture are finally excreted in the chaos they themselves created will our nations, culture and civilisations be resurrected.

The King is dead, LONG LIVE THE KING !


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