Toward Realism and Understanding
Posted on: 2008-08-04 13:38:58

In many of the discussions I’ve had with people trying to show them how multiracialism has been a complete failure, I usually hear nice-sounding rhetoric such as: “Don’t you think that God wants all the different races and all the different cultures to live together in peace and harmony?”

by DS

This is an issue that has almost made its way into the everyday discourse of American life.  While liberals generally take the position that (non-White) immigrants should retain their own culture and that (White) Americans need to adapt to their needs, and “conservatives” assert that (non-White) immigrants need to be “Americanized”, I would like to take a third position – a nationalistic standpoint: they shouldn’t be here at all.

It is my opinion that the cultural differences between the races are largely genetically-based.  Though every ethnic group has its own particular traits, there are certain basic commonalities that different ethnic groups of the same race share.  If I were in a plane crash, and landed somewhere in Europe, I might not be able to decipher at a first glance whether I was in France, or Germany, or Sweden, but I would be able to tell easily that I was in Europe.  It is these commonalities shared by White people of every ethnic group that define the very substance of Western civilization, and the same concept applies to African, Asian, and other non-White civilizations.

When the Naturalization Act of 1790 was passed, it defined American citizenship in explicitly racial terms; from the very founding of our nation, it was taken for granted that America was to be a White nation, reserved for the sons and daughters of Europe.  From the very beginning, America was meant to be a continuation of that Western civilization.  Because the United States has deviated from this principle of racial preservation, we are now experiencing the natural consequences.

I usually do not waste my time in the debate over whether Americans should learn Spanish or Mexicans should learn English, or whether Blacks should rediscover their African roots or put it all behind them and just be Americans.  The fact that non-White “Americans” even question their true identity points to a much larger issue.  However, since the issue has been brought up, I’ll take a shot at it.  Non-Whites should retain their own culture, and recognizing this will be a big step toward tolerance and understanding.  I’m not being sarcastic; I really do believe that there should be tolerance and understanding between all ethnic groups, wherever they may live, but what does that mean?

As European-Americans, we need to understand that people of other races are fundamentally different from us and that this difference merits separate living arrangements and the granting of political autonomy to all ethnic groups seeking self-determination.  As racially-conscious White people, we need to be tolerant of the fact that other races and other cultures do exist, and that this is just as much their planet as it is our planet.  That being said, it does not mean that we should erase national boundaries and gather together into the “global community”.  What it means is that we should respect the heritage of the peoples and cultures all across the globe.  Unlike many European-derived people, most of the world is racially conscious, and you can bet that if the tables were turned, with millions of European-Americans flooding into Mexico both legally and illegally, millions of German “guest-workers” immigrating to Turkey, mobs of angry Christians rioting in the streets of Mecca because someone published a cartoon making fun of Jesus Christ, and Whites in South Africa launching a full-scale genocide against the Blacks, the third world would not have such a benign reaction to the degradation of their people.  So, why are we so afraid to speak out when the same thing is happening to us?

After discussing the issues of race with other well-opinioned people and reflecting on our discourses, I’ve begun to ask myself this question: why is it that so many European-Americans, whether liberal or conservative, react so negatively whenever anyone speaks ill of any non-European ethnic group?  All around the Western world, we hear about hate-crime laws, hate-speech laws, anti-discrimination laws, and other social policies supposedly intended to promote equal opportunity and hence good race relations.

In many parts of the world, that up until recently were homogeneous White countries, race-relations, and hence “racism”, were never even issues.  Since “racism” seems to be a major problem in every multi-racial state, the logical thing to do would be to simply except the fact the multiracialism is not in accordance with the nature of man, and that it has always brought out the worst in people.  Once this has been admitted to, all that is possible must be done to amend the problems caused by the diversification of the state.  Immigration should be not only halted, but reversed.  Racial separation should be encouraged, and miscegenation in every form should be strongly discouraged.   What I believe is that these policies designed to promote “good race relations” are not so much practical measures employed to cope with practical problems, but the maneuvers of people in high places who are ideologically driven.  These people are driven by a pseudo-religious zeal and feel that European-derived man must be purged of his sinfully racist nature, no matter what the cost in terms of human misery, social tumult, and evolutionary retardation.  All of the beautiful young Scandinavian women who have been gang-raped by Muslim “youth” for not wearing the veil, all of the jobs lost by working-class European-Americans because of the need for “cheap labor”, and all of the biracial children who will never find their true identity with either race, are only a small price to pay for the wonderful gift of diversity.  In the end, this is the penance that the sons and daughters of Europe must undergo if they are to be made worthy of the kingdom of Babylon.  But is that what we want?

As a European-American, and as a Christian, I reject this false idol.  Unfortunately, many of my fellow European-American Christians have not only accepted these lies, but have incorporated them into their own religion.  In many of the discussions I’ve had with these people, while trying to show them how multiracialism has been a complete failure, I usually hear nice-sounding rhetoric such as: “Don’t you think that God wants all the different races and all the different cultures to live together in peace and harmony?”; “We’re all one mystical body, so why are you trying to divide the body of Christ?”; and “These problems aren’t the result of ethnic conflict, but an outgrowth of the sinful heart of man”.

As for the first argument, it’s all a bunch of nice-sounding rhetoric.  Given the fact that multiracialism is, has always been, and will always be a failure, the question should be whether God would rather that the different races live separately and independently in peace among themselves, or that they live together in conflict and turmoil.  I need not answer that question, for it is obvious.  As for the second argument, it’s phrased so ambiguously that I can hardly answer it, but I’ll take a shot at it.  We, as Christians, are all members of the mystical body of Christ, His Church on earth.  This spiritual brotherhood that transcends the boundaries of race does not negate that physical reality, and hence the required responses to such differences, which I mentioned earlier.  I am not dividing the body of Christ, but rather addressing the differing needs of the various parts of His Body.  As for the third argument, there’s no real contradiction between social ills being the result of ethnic conflict and being an outgrowth of the sinful heart of man, for ethnic conflict is in a way an out growth of the sinful heart of man.  However, let’s address this issue concretely.  Now that we have ethnic conflict, regardless of its origin, how do we cope with it now?  If these problems are solely an outgrowth of the sinful heart of man, how do you explain the fact that sinful men in homogeneous countries such as Iceland and Japan have been able to maintain clean, peaceful, productive, and well-ordered societies, while sinful men in heterogeneous countries like Brazil and South Africa prefer to deal with issues through gang wars and street riots?  There must be something to account for these differences.

The enemies our people have a way of framing issues in such a way that you can hardly disagree with them without appearing closed-minded, intolerant, and hateful.  For example, you either support same-sex marriage, or you’re a homophobe; you either approve of miscegenation, or you’re a racist.  Most conservative Christians don’t buy into the first ultimatum, understanding full well that sexual relationships between two men or two women are a violation of God’s law (or if you’re not religiously inclined, nature’s law), and that recognizing that law does not make one hateful. The second ultimatum is a bit trickier.  There is no biological barrier preventing people of different races from mixing, so if all races are equal, why should it matter how different the two lovers are, as long as they love each other?  Only a racist would be resistant to being made the cousin, uncle, aunt, or grandparent of biracial children.

Some of you may have had the displeasure of being told “you can’t be both a Christian and a racist”, and I would like to take some time to address that issue.  First of all, I don’t waste my time trying to convince people that I’m not a racist.  I always make it unmistakably clear what I am: a White separatist.  A racist is defined as “a person who believes their own race to be superior to other races”.  While I reject the idea that all races are all equal in every way, because a good comparison of test scores and crime rates can make it quite obvious that they are not, I, as a White separatist, I am not interested in racial superiority.  I am not interested in dominating over other races.  I am interested in addressing the difficult issues that are peculiar to the European-American community, particularly that of our diminishing status within our own country.  White people need to be able to deal with White issues collectively as White people.  People of other races should be able to deal with their own issues in their own way, without our intervention.  I have never mistreated anyone on account of the person’s race, and I always seek to be fair in all my dealings.  But yes, I am much more inclined to make close friends with people of similar backgrounds, preferring to keep my inner circle as homogeneous as possible, and I certainly am not going to date or marry anyone of another race.  The bottom line here is that in my personal life, I have the right to be as exclusive and discriminatory as I please.  I simply do not see why that is a problem.

Some of you may feel uncomfortable as nearly all mainstream churches speak out against so called “racism” and correspondingly embrace multiracialism, “red and yellow, black and white, they’re all precious in His sight” they say.  Though this is true, the reason why the churches emphasize racial issues in this way is politically, not spiritually, motivated.  This can be seen by the way that they spare no harsh words for European-Americans who fail to be good Samaritans toward the non-White invaders, but then say nothing of the fact that in an increasingly diverse America, many European-Americans now feel like foreigners in their own country.  It is my personal opinion that the reason God divided the world up into seven continents was so that all of the different races could have a home of their own.

So, lets look at the way families function in a healthy society.  One man and one woman, both of the same race, the same religion, and approximately the same age, living in their own house economically independent of their own parents, raising children of their own, and imparted their religion and values to their children.  Every now and then, extended family members and friends outside of the family can visit.  These guests stay for a brief period of time while respecting the rules of the host.  Sometimes, the household may adopt a nephew, niece, cousin, or grandchild whose immediate family is unable to take care of that person.  Knowing how a healthy family functions, it is not difficult to take notice when something is wrong.  When one of the parents is having an extra-marital affair, something is wrong.  When both parents are working full-time or over-time, and children are forced to assume the role of the parents, because the parents are not available to tend to household matters, something is wrong.  When a middle-aged man is still living in his mom’s basement, and dependant on her for everything, as if he were still a child, something is wrong.  When parents exhaust themselves caring for someone else’s children while ignoring their own, something is wrong.  While there are many ways this structure can go wrong, there are only a few ways it can go right.

Therefore as a home is to a family what a country is to an ethnic group.  What applies on a small scale applies on a large scale.  This should make obvious not only the social ills in our society, but the way in which a healthy White society would function.  However, these social ills cannot be healed overnight, and in my opinion, it is way too early to fantasize about the way things could be.

Given the fact the we European-Americans are becoming foreigners in our own country, the questions should not be whether or not non-White immigrants should assimilate, for that is ultimately irrelevant, but whether or not the time has come for Whites to start de-assimilating.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t be Americans anymore, but that we may need to accept the fact that the America we have for so long known and loved is lost, and may never be found again.  Many of us worry about what will happen if we become a minority in this country, but I think the time has come for us to put some thought into what we will do when we become a minority (unless things change, that will be the case).  Let’s take a look a non-White ethnic group that has dealt with these problems and still maintained its identity: the Jewish people.  From the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., up until the establishment of the State of Israel, the Jewish people did not have a home of their home.  They had to live as ethnic minorities in gentile lands all over the West and the Middle East.  However, the Jews, for the most part, kept to themselves, and seldom mixed with other races.  They kept inside of their own communities and preserved not only their culture, but their genes, and without apology.  Finally, there came the day when the Jewish people got a country of their own.  While I do not approve of the un-ethical conduct of the Israelis toward their Arab neighbors, I am trying to make a point.

We as European-Americans need to start re-building our lost sense of self.  We need to start connecting and coordinating with other racially-conscious White people.  We need to look after the interests not only of the White race as a whole, but of each individual White person and White family, before we think of ourselves.  We need to start building up our own communities, and immunizing our children at an early age against the poisons of so called “American” culture.  And finally, when we have raised up a generation of healthy, well-educated, racially conscious men and women, we as a people can stand up on our own two feet, confidently stare our enemy in the face, and reclaim our place in the world.

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