Asian Immigration Myths
Posted on: 2008-06-16 16:53:32

55% of elderly Chinese immigrants in California received public assistance

From The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration:

It is often thought that Asian immigration to the USA does not fall into the damning statistical breakdowns of many immigrant groups. While it is true that Asian immigrants to the USA fare on average better than immigrants from other parts of the Third World, it is a myth that all is well with the Asian immigrant community.

* According to the March 2001 US Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, some 10.8% of Asians and Pacific Islanders were below the official poverty line.

* In 1993, a study that showed that despite a "model minority" stereotypical image of being self-sufficient, 55% of elderly Chinese immigrants in California received public assistance, mostly Supplemental Security Income.

* Among elderly Vietnamese immigrants, the figure was 74%, compared with 21% of Mexican immigrants and nine % of the native-born elderly.

* Arrest rates for American Asians are higher than Whites for gambling, gangsterism and youth homicide. Asians make up half of all gang arrests in Seattle, and their gang rate relative to population increased to nearly even with Blacks in the city by 1994. A 1992 Los Angeles study showed that Asians are 13 times more likely than Whites to be members of gangs.

* Nationally, Asian poverty is slightly worse than the White average. Asian poverty rates in some urban areas are equal to, or worse, than blacks. Asian poverty in many census tracts ranges in the ghetto definition range, from 40% up to 70%. Asian per capita income is often comparable or worse than Blacks in urban areas. In San Francisco, Asian poverty rates are equal to those of Blacks for the equivalent family structure.


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