David Cook: God Will Be An Illegal Immigrant With An Ankle Monitor
Posted on: 2008-04-27 00:09:21

"Sin is building a wall between the US and Mexico."

David Cook (pictured right) is a former journalist for the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. He currently teaches American history at Girls Preparatory School and can be reached at dcook7@gmail.com

I have a friend with an interesting theology.

He believes that God takes the form of whoever we are disgusted by. He believes that God takes the image of the person, or group of people, that most revolt us. God does this to teach us mercy, compassion, humility. God does this to teach us grace.

He tells the story of a conversation with two policemen. Going back and forth, the two policemen spoke with great disgust about certain populations of people in the area.

''I can't stand the homeless,'' said one policeman.

''Yes, and I hate those Hispanics,'' said the other.

''And the gays and queers too,'' returned the first policeman.

And at that point, my friend realized that for those two policemen, God will take the form of a gay, homeless, Hispanic who will ask them: why did you not love me? Why were you so estranged from your fellow human?

The story of the slaughter-house Pilgrim's Pride is a story of sin. Sin is separation. Sin is building a wall between the US and Mexico. Sin is the separation that creates a national policy that allows goods and products to travel through borders more freely than humans.


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