Dark Forces at Work
Posted on: 2008-04-09 14:31:32

BNP website attacked as electoral success looms

Geeks for Allah

by Simon Darby

In the last 24 hours the main BNP website has come under another series of sustained attacks. Just a few hours ago, at one point our servers were handling thousands of requests per second and our e-mail servers were taking a battering as well.

We are currently working on the problem and are doing a little bit of traffic filtering and general shape shifting to try and keep the website up and running. It would seem that we really have got some people worried and behind all of this, not that we'll ever know of course, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see a direct connection with the Labour Party.

The servers we have at the moment are powerful enough to handle both the traffic and the increase in bandwidth that the new design entails, but it would seem that we are going to have to expand our capacity owing to the criminal behaviour of our opponents.

I spoke to Richard Barnbrook today concerning the stunt that Boris, Brian and red Ken tried to pull off today. They were unveiling a huge anti-BNP poster, sponsored by operation Black Vote, in an attempt provoke the black community into voting for anybody but ourselves. I explained to two journalists the irony of the situation whereby the black community was being exploited and galvanised to disenfranchise the white community but my explanations fell upon deaf ears. I kid you not, both of these journalists simply couldn't comprehend the concept of white, British or English identity. They had either been so deeply preprogrammed with anti-white, Marxist propaganda or they simply didn't have the mental agility to think outside of the politically correct box.

Nevertheless, without being able to fully appreciate what I was saying, they seemed quite intrigued when I stated that the BNP was more than happy with the day's proceedings in Vauxhall and in fact, should we have had the money, we would have actually paid the gruesome trio to demonstrate to the electorate of London how shockingly out of touch they really are with Londoners.

Richard of course was over the moon with the resultant publicity, all being well he will have been on BBC London in the last hour. In fact he is adamant that there are plenty of black people in London who are quite receptive to our message and are sickened by the patronising and perpetual grovelling from the so-called mainstream element.


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