Those Dancing Days Are Gone
Posted on: 2008-03-08 21:12:24

The Naked Truth about France

From the desk of Tiberge

Tomorrow the French go to the polls for the first round of the municipal elections. The poster to the right is of Mohamed Latrèche, a Muslim running for mayor of Strasbourg on the PMF party (Party of the Muslims of France). He stands for “real change” (le vrai changement). Gaëlle Mann, a most useful French website, asks:

"Is it normal in a “laic” country (where Church and State are separate), for a purely religious party such as the PMF to vie for the votes of the electorate?"

A reader offers an answer:

"Of course, dear Gaëlle, it is perfectly normal for a Muslim religious party to present candidates in the election, since we live in a “laic” country. On the other hand it would be abnormal for a Catholic religious party to present candidates, since we live in a “laic” country."

Another poster that you can view at the website lists the urgent demands of the PMF party:

• A Muslim cemetery with perpetual rights. The eventual elimination of a tomb considered by Muslims to be a profanation. [Note: In France and other continental European countries cemeteries are only temporary. They are bulldozered over after 50 years. If the families want the dead reburied they have to pay. Most families do not care.]
• A school for girls who are deprived of an education by the liberty-killing law on headscarves
• Halal meals in school cafeterias, hospitals, etc...
• Dignified places of worship responding to the needs of the Muslims of Strasbourg
• Special schedules at swimming pools for Muslim girls


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