'Jihad Sheilas' Speak Out
Posted on: 2008-02-06 12:20:10

Al Qaeda's White Army of Terror

By Lisa Millar

Two women who grew up in country New South Wales and converted to Islam decades ago have defended their beliefs in an extraordinary interview to be aired tonight on ABC television.

The women, neither of whom have ever faced terrorism related charges, are speaking on camera for the first time, offering an insight into their lives and their dedication to their religion.

They both subscribe to Wahhabism, the strand of Islam followed by Osama bin Laden.

The two women defend their religion in the interviews, but know their beliefs make them suspect to non Muslims.

Rabiah Hutchinson, an Australian woman who was once married to a confidante of bin Laden, was living in Afghanistan under the strict rule of the Taliban on September 11, 2001.

Her contacts and her religious beliefs have made her a figure of suspicion for the security services, and they have taken away her passport.

"I would defend Islam with my life, so that makes me a filthy, dirty, subhuman terrorist," she said.

"The same as if you asked me, would I die defending my children.

"Does that mean I'm going to go and lob grenades out of the bus in Lakemba? No, it doesn't. But you have just asked me a question that could very well have me put away for a long time."


The phenomenon of whites converting to Islam is a heartbreaking indictment of the decadence of Western civilization in this epoch. Taught that traditional Western values and beliefs are foolish and oppressive, many people search elsewhere for the kind of meaning that most people need in their lives. Since these people also are told that Third Worlders are superior to them, it is not surprising that some embrace Islam, which does not suffer from the guilt complex imposed on the West. Perhaps the most tragic person like this was the young Walloon, Muriel Degauque, who carried out a suicide attack in Iraq. Hailing from the beautiful Belgian city of Charleroi, Degauque converted to Islam when she married a Muslim. In the UK, the government is worried about white converts, who may slip the police and carry out terror attacks on behalf of Islam.

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