Wexler Denies Holocaust
Posted on: 2008-01-25 10:55:10

Hundreds rally to stop Rep. Wexler from Genocide denying, Cyprus invasion denying

Wexler blasted for opposing Armenian genocide resolution

Cyprus Action Network of America

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) accompanied by political organizers from Washington DC, along with hundreds of activists, many from Florida and many traveling from several states away, joined together to rally against Genocide denier and Cyprus invasion denier Congressman Robert Wexler (D-19).

CANA Press Officer, Nikolaos Taneris delivered an impassioned address reminding the community of Wexler’s abysmal record in regards to Cyprus, and the long-lasting horrors of Turkey’s criminal military-occupation, many local Cypriots attended the rally and held up placards with the messages “End Turkish Military Occupation of Cyprus” and “Turkey Out of Cyprus”, as well as “End Turkish Fascism.”

Armenian community leader Albert Mazmanian, Chairman of the ANC of S. Florida., commented "The ANC of South Florida felt it was time to voice our concerns about Congressman Wexler. Enough is enough. It is time for change, and to elect someone who will represent Florida's 19th District. We now have a candidate who is the right man for the job, and the Armenian and Greek communities stand by him one-hundred percent."

CANA consultant John Bosnitch, commented on Wexler “he is in the pocket of the big money Turkish lobby denying the illegal occupation of Cyprus…Wexler’s denial of the past Genocide of Armenians is strike one, Wexler’s support of the present Genocide of Greeks in Cyprus is strike two, Wexler’s support of the future Genocide of Kosovo Serbs is strike three…lets be Americans about this.. Mister Wexler, three strikes you’re out”

Pictures of activists, following the rally, are available on our homepage.

The rally, organized by the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), and co-hosted by the Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA), along with the Armenian National Committee of South Florida, the Armenian Student Association (ASA), was a huge success!


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