Israel, a Jewish, Democratic State
Posted on: 2007-12-17 10:06:26

When Multiculturalism Is a Hate Crime

Buchanan: Israel is my model

By Guy Senbel for Guysen Israel News

This week we wish to draw our readers’ attention to a particularly important news item concerning the publication of a text by the Israeli Arab organization "Adalah" that is proposing an institutional reform: the adoption of a "multicultural" constitution.

"Adalah" is proposing to remove all the Jewish aspects of Israel, that is the symbols, the references, Torah inspired law, but would nonetheless allow the “Jewish majority” to maintain its identity through education and culture…

This news item was not very well covered by the Israeli or international press. That an Israeli Arab political movement attacks the Jewish character of the State of Israel, after all, that’s normal. On the political front, Israeli Arabs want to show that Israel is not a multicultural state, although Israel is home to very different communities cultures, and people.

There is nothing surprising in the Arab project to make Israel a “bilingual and multicultural state.”


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