Retiree Immigration Adds Billions to Deficits
Posted on: 2012-04-30 04:46:33

And the District of Corruption expect the US Taxpayer aka white America to like this? Well no, because they're not being told.

Roughly one-in-eight new immigrants to America are 55 or older, ensuring there’s little financial payback for the $300,000 or more in taxpayer support given on average to each older immigrant during the last few decades of their lives.

This aspect of immigration policy was highlighted April 13 on President Barack Obama’s campaign website, when an Ohio organizer posted a short item titled “A first time voter: Pedro’s remarkable story.”

“Pedro C.,” now 68 years old, “moved to the United States from Peru 6 years ago,” said the post by Riley Wells, a field organizer in Franklin County.

Because Pedro spoke little English, said Wells, “it was difficult for us to understand each other… [but] Pedro pointed to a mural of President Obama on our office wall and gave a thumbs up.”

“That was all I needed to see… He has already registered and is ready to cast his vote for Barack Obama,” said Wells.


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