Diversity Perversity
Posted on: 2012-01-11 20:15:25

We wish Mr. Nugent would simply come right out and say it: Diversity means fewer white Americans -- because that's exactly what he's saying. ~Ed.

Diversity is Americaís greatest strength, according to the left and its socialist, Marxist, commie cohorts and co-conspirators running rampant across the country.

If you listen carefully to these America-hating, social-engineering liberals, virtually all behavior, conduct, morals and beliefs make America stronger.

This, of course, is toxic, brain-dead logic that leaves ordinary Americans shaking and scratching their heads in confusion and disgust. We recognize bull dung when we hear, see and smell it, and we have no desire whatsoever to embrace it.

The leftís definition of diversity does not make America stronger. It is weakening and destroying America. Letís be bold and honest: The leftís version of diversity is repugnant.

Hey, Iím your biggest supporter if you want to swan-dive naked into a pool of goat urine. What I will never support is trying to make it mandatory for everyone to do it.

Those Americans who stand up to the leftís diversity mantra are pilloried and labeled as pernicious, vile, intolerant, racist, backward Bubbas.


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