More Football 'Racism' Hysteria
Posted on: 2011-12-23 16:59:28

The obvious question is when will these tyrants be satisfied, if ever? The simple answer is when racism has been totally eliminated, and when we are all slaves.

Yet another so-called controversy has erupted in the so-called beautiful game (Soccer -- Ed.), this time TV pundit Alan Hansen has come under fire for using a racial euphemism. Christopher Bates has reported on this non-incident together with an embedded video.

The extent of brainwashing on race in Britain and the tyranny of the politically correct class is a wonder to behold. Overwhelmingly it is directed against whites, many of whom believe with more than a little justification that they are now second class citizens in their own country, but blacks and others have also been on the receiving end at times.

Last year, a black woman and a councillor, alluded to a political opponent as a coconut, and was dragged into court and fined for racial harassment. This is indeed a racial insult, not least to whites, but as the reader will see from the video, it was a very moderate response in a council debate. If she had been standing outside a synagogue in an angry crowd with a Molotov cocktail in her hand and shouted Juden raus! that would have been a different matter. In the current farce, it remains to be seen if Alan Hansen will be fired, fined or even executed for using what is an entirely proper if archaic word in a discussion that appears to have included elements of race.

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