Teenage Afghani Rapists in the United Kingdom
Posted on: 2011-12-21 13:47:41

Telling the UK 'thank you' for letting them live there.

Two teenagers subjected a woman to a terrifying rape ordeal after stalking her and abducting her as she left a nightclub.

Jailat Khan and Shahzada Khan, both just 16, were caught after they were captured on CCTV celebrating their sickening attack in Leeds city centre.

The victim, in her early 20s, was on the phone to her boyfriend asking him to get her a taxi at around 2am when she was dragged into a doorway.

He could hear her screams for 30 seconds before the line went dead. She was then raped.

The pair have now been jailed for the shocking attack.

A court heard the pair, both Afghanis, were prowling the streets on June 12 this year looking for an easy target when they came across their victim.

The defendants spotted the woman and followed her after she left the HiFi club in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and one spoke to her when she stopped at a bus stop while the other was looking around assessing the area.

The pair then struck from either side bundling her into a fire exit doorway.

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