The Sword That Cuts One Way
Posted on: 2011-07-12 07:36:47

When a nation refuses understand its sense of nationality, culture, or tradition, anarchy awaits it's future.

by Frank Roman and Jamie Sipe

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When I was a younger man, I was raised in a country of men who still remembered the atrocities of the Japanese Empire. Few young people today seriously reflect or have knowledge of the history of Japan. Any reflections made on World War II, are predominately fixed on Germany and the Jews.  Nevertheless, as much as can be said about Japanese influences in the South Pacific and that damnable war, Americans also tend to overlook what I believe to be a very robust quality in the people of Japan , and that quality is their sense of nation, their nationalism .

Japan is a very old country. Her island inhabitants can be traced as far as 30,000 B.C.E. . Rice farming, metallurgy and pottery can be traced to 500 B.C. E..  By the 8th century, a strong imperialist centered state was established. It was during this period a distinctly indigenous Japanese culture emerged, noted for its ingenuity, its art, poetry prose and warfare. It was here that began the seeds of one of the most enduring cultures on the planet.

And before we go any further lets clear up the definition of the term 'nation' once and for all.

“Nation” is an English word too often misused or taken for granted, its real meaning, more often than not, ignored or obscured for the sake of political correctness. Nation, in fact, does not refer to a governmental entity officially recognized by the UN, nor even to a plot of land with specified borders such as Mexico Nigeria or Switzerland.

Nation, from the Latin nasci (“to be born”), means a race, a people that share a common experience, tradition, and, most important, ancestry. In this way, the National Question is one that should precede others regarding economics, culture, and politics. It is the fundamental questions of who a people are and who they are to become. Of course nowadays, the Japanese people are pretty much content to regard Japan as their nation, enforcing some of the strictest immigration laws in the world.

So, what have we in the West missed in what passes for our present logic of a people ? As a nation, defined above, we are certainly misguided, lazy and rapidly descending towards a Marxist state. What do average Americans believe about this country, their station in it and where we all are headed ? For the most part, I believe there are a majority who simply could not give a damn, many of whom are hopelessly mired in the two party sham slouching in DC--or they are completely disconnected from all but their most immediate whims. The majority of our people I'm sorry to say are simply ignorant of history, the present, the past, and fail to grasp the immense importance of our period as a nation state. Someone once said that ignorance is bliss. Well, it's not . It's just ignorance.The long term beleaguered interest of America’s historic majority continues unabated.

This nation, which is OUR people, that we call our home operates under laws, a Constitution based on European civility, intuition, and thought processes. It was here that our own journey as a nation, as a people, successfully began; a white European society designed around a blend of European cultures , merged in a new world, a new nation of distinct people. This was the predominate population and society of  America until an ugly and devious change was made in our immigration policy in 1965.

When we were still a healthy nation of European settlers the first naturalization law in the United States was the Naturalization Act of 1790, which restricted naturalization to "free white persons" of "good moral character" who had resided in the country for two years and had kept their current state of residence for a year.

In 1795 this requirement was increased to five years residence and three years after notice of intent to apply for citizenship, and again to 14 years residence and five years notice of intent in 1798.  Our nation addressed this issue many times, always protecting our demographic numbers by maintaining strict limitations on who might come to our shores.  Of course, there was some conflict between various sectors of European immigrants, but these conflicts were more economic and religious than any thing else. But because of their inherent similarities assimilation was fairly easy and successful as a whole. And then the cancer set in. Our nations immigration polices which had been place since 1790 was completely overturned in 1965. The Hart-Celler Act simultaneously opened the door for the Third World to come here while deliberately limiting immigration from Europe, to change not only the face but the heart of a once proud haven of white European folk. That's right, I said deliberately. The evidence is everywhere.

What else bought about this radical change in immigration protection and loss of cultural identity?

If you do a little research you will discover how the Frankfurt School and it's vile influence throughout the past sixty or seventy years led to Hart-Celler and now the open-door quagmire manifesting itself each day. In retrospect it is clear this policy was implemented as a deliberate act of sabotage against the nation of European Americans. Someone along the way decided enough was enough; that America was too white, too productive, too self sustaining, which meant it was to bigoted. While we can certainly lay much of blame at the feet of American companies and their pocket politicians, seeking to globalize their assets by getting rich faster using cheaper labor, we can see it was more of an ideological move than an economic one. Our British cousins are now enduring the same ideological cancer.

And then there was the 1967 Kerner Commission Report best known for its politically correct conclusion that the United States is moving toward two societies -- one black, one white; separate and unequal. The report looks into the causes of the many urban riots and concludes, "White racism is essentially responsible for the explosive mixture that has been accumulating in our cities since the end of World War II." The report also concludes that a massive redistribution of income had to take place to remedy this problem. It also suggests the addition of 1 million government-created jobs, the institution of a higher minimum wage, significantly increasing welfare benefits, spending more money on education and housing, and so on. Needless to say the tendrils of this specious report has been fully extended beyond blacks but also to any and all perceived oppressed "minorities."

Ignorance does not excuse us in our present plight. There is no bliss to be found in our rising crime rates, our increased welfare state and certainly not in the realization that all these people of color really do hate us. They hate us for our work ethic. They hate us for our morals. They hate us for our prosperity, due to hard work. They wish to change our laws to fit their Marxist ideologies. They are akin to a virus, inside us, replicating and reprogramming our very being; who we are as a culture and a nation, a people.

Moreover, you can also say white supremacism is responsible for this change in our countries demographic political and cultural decline, that's right white supremacism--the white supremacism that lurks in the mind of the next mestizo border jumper, white supremacism that compels Cubans to risk their lives at sea to reach Florida; the same kind of white supremacism that compels a Nigerian to hide in the wheel well of a passenger jet bound for a white country--white supremacism that compels Muslims to lay claim to France and England--white supremacism that lures Asians to Australia. They all understand that white countries and only white countries offer them a supreme chance at life and happiness,  while at the same time retaining the ways and mores of their Third World origins while collaborating with their new, and more often than not white soft headed politically correct enablers, some of whom listen to these pod casts on a regular basis.

When I ponder our present state, I find some solace that there are signs a growing number of our younger folk have educated themselves and are capable of reflecting with a clear mind on what their future will entail as a minority. In fact I hope they will be angered. I hope they will be alarmed. Time is running short for them and they know it.  They are figuring out multiculturalism is an invention of those who quest for anarchy, not solidarity. It is an invention of dupes, fools, and more importantly institutional Marxists, who wallow in the dung-heap of Political Correctness . The sooner our people awaken to this fact, the sooner we can protect what our Founders created, a nation comprised of a particular race of mankind.   

In 1960 Inejiro Asanuma was head of the Japanese Socialist Party. Asanuma was noted for speaking publicly about the joys of Socialism and its alleged economic and cultural opportunities. His hard left positions and even his post war criticism of the United States were not welcomed by Japanese conservatives and patriots. However he was "graciously" removed from Japanese politics with the assistance of a very brave and patriotic young man, 17 year old Otoya Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi already understood what Socialism would mean for his culture as well as  his country, his people--his nation. He also understood the integrity of the sword. And so on October 12th, 1960 in typical pre war Japanese style he made his loyalty clear as to whom and to what he was beholden.

Whereas Yamaguchi made his statement with one quick thrust of a sword  all we ask is that you help others understand what a nation is really comprised of. And like I said last week, thanks in large measure to the new media you now have the tools, the sword that cuts one way, the information to understand just exactly who what where when and why our enemies are robbing us of our God given nation hood, you have the evidence which proves the so-called extremists have been right all along for all these years. Its now and has always been your responsibility to point this out while you can. It is also important to understand that we all (ethnic-styled nationalists, i.e. Irish German Italian Polish, Spanish, etc),  should stress unity amongst each other over all else and not come into pointless conflict. After all, our people came to America from Europe with guts and little else, dropped their tribal allegiances, intermarried, and became  real Americans. So the real test  will be: when push comes to shove, and it IS coming, the European derived nation within the borders of the United States will have no choice but to fight for each other on a national level -- if we are to survive. But we not only survive we will also flourish--IF you do your part.

Thanks for listening.

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