Why White Women Fall For Black Men OR How to Catch the White Woman
Posted on: 11/10/2018 01:16 AM

by Liv Heide

An important number of the many commentators to my last article Why White Men Fall For Asian Women on AmRen.com seemed to be even more interested in the reasons for why white women date outside their race; and especially why they would date black men.

My first thought concerning this subject was: "Because nowadays, black men generally have more muscular bodies than white men and treat their women more dominantly. Additionally, white women are brainwashed by education and media to consider race-mixing to be the most noble thing to do." End of article.

Obviously, it is more complex, but the physical attraction based on male fitness and manly behavior combined with women’s artificially generated sense of well-being by doing ‘good' and thus being valorized in the society are the main challenges that white men are facing today in competition with black men to win the favor of white women.

I recently went to a 99.9% white Eastern European country. While I was there, I noticed that these white men were generally much stronger, broad-shouldered and more physically fit than the men in Western Europe. They seemed to spend more time outdoors and followed a more natural diet.

In this Eastern country, men and women are well built, with body types ranging between slender and beefy, with no ridiculous obesity in sight. I have never seen so many pregnant white women and white children of all ages walking the streets. I just thought: "So this is what a white society with a normal demography looks like."

When stuck in traffic I suggested to one of my taxi drivers that he go backwards. In response, he simply lifted a finger, implying that he was going to manage the situation and I was going to hush. I liked it! Here was a beefy, blonde, blue-eyed man who was used to take responsibility, and didn't allow a woman interfere in his business. I found this to be a very attractive attitude!

Ending this parenthesis, many Western men are lacking physical strength and mental self-assurance, and this is where black men take over in the game to get the white women.

Physically black men are privileged by nature: Their muscle definition, even with equivalent strength, is different from that of white men, and even with bad nutrition their bodies still look more firm when overweight. This gives them a fitter appearance, and makes them appear more protective to a woman. Black men naturally have a more commanding, sometimes even aggressive attitude that feminists have tried to stigmatize as a male defect -- despite women's partner choices proving the opposite. So ... do such primitive triggers still work in our so-called civilized world? Of course!

Not less importantly, most of us follow our basic instincts, the most basic of which is that we want to feel appreciated. Both men and women make more life decisions on that emotional level than most of us would admit. Whereas a man’s intrinsic need is to act as a provider, and to feel valued for his strength and leadership, a woman’s intrinsic need is to feel physically protected (thus favoring muscles and fitness), emotionally secure and to be adored for her beauty and attractiveness, implicating what archaic instincts tell men to look for: The healthy, fertile gene-carrier for their offspring.

Many non-white men, and especially black men see white skin as the ultimate quality for feminine beauty, and express this desire decidedly, yet mostly unverbalized. They make a white woman feel extremely valued, and a woman thrives on this passionate admiration making her overlook the shortcomings of black men in terms of intelligence and fidelity.

Now that I have set the board, what is the calculated plan for the white man to still win the biggest of all games, the survival game? He needs to clear his body and mind from toxic foods and information that make him weak and unattractive. He needs to build his muscle and beef up. He needs to avoid all psycho-crushing anti-white-man media propaganda, and reestablish the healthy self-confidence to become the cerebral leader that he used to be for millennia. He needs to relearn how to show women the traditional way, while explaining and guiding. Last but not least, he must relearn how to cherish his woman, thereby paving the path to her heart.

If white men think they will create a positive outcome for the white cause by choosing MGTOW or by shaming nags and sluts, they are mistaken. Women respond to neither contempt nor humiliation. They only respond to leadership and charm. Be prepared to suggest a better way of her being and behaving by providing the reasons why, and wrap this constructive criticism in compliments.

Although pro-European discussion tends to focus on race and politics, we need to discuss love as well, because without love and procreation there is no race nor a group that could express any public intention. We need to strive for the wisdom and the patience to act strategically to get our women back into our folk camp as without the white women, the white race will be lost.

Liv Heide is the founder of WhiteDate.NET, inviting descendants of Europeans worldwide to find a traditionally minded partner online. Singles as well as couples can join the group and forum sections of the website.

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