What to do During the Antifa Demonstrations on Nov 4th.
Posted on: 11/04/2017 01:40 AM

On Saturday, November 4th, a number of left wing organizations including the communist antifa, black block and others will be staging demonstrations in various cities and smaller communities across the country.

The intent of these demonstrations is to bait patriotic Americans into confrontation, allowing them to respond with violence and looting that will be blamed on the right wing and thereby delegitimize the President and Our Cause with the help of a complicit media.

It is important not to give them what they want.

These people are violent and they have a track record of looting, setting fires and attacking innocent people. It is unlikely they will be able to control themselves so if our side does not show up, their plan will backfire.

The tactical move for tomorrow is to avoid these demonstrations and let the left tarnish itself.

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