What Are You Doing?
Posted on: 06/05/2018 04:38 AM

The more we can do for our own Folk and ourselves without depending on an increasingly angry multicultural society, the better off we are.

by Frank Roman

In case you hadn’t noticed European Americans must prepare and then carry out effective political and social struggle in the shadow of our impending demographic crash which is on or before the year 2042-43; a crash our enemies continuously tell us will be for our own good.

It's not as far away as you think.

Otherwise, the best we can look for is the consistent failure which has rewarded activists in the past. Only this time we may not get a second chance. In fact this era now IS our second chance. Politically, spiritually and socially – online and on the streets — our organization, European Americans United and even its non-member adherents, has to lay a groundwork that will maintain us for a very long battle. And as a part of that battle it’s our job to show people how to turn cultural scrutiny on not only themselves but on society as a whole; in terms of qualitative, long-term thinking.

As we work deep within the system -- you know who you are and so do we -- on behalf of our people, as individuals there are many practical things we need to do to give us any chance at all of surviving the oncoming cataclysm. We need to start thinking and acting in terms of real freedom (if you haven't done so already).

What Are You Doing?

In practical matters if it’s even remotely possible we need to get rid of ALL personal debt, own our own property, learn to grow and store our own food, perhaps produce our own electricity, have at least 1 years supplies of emergency items on hand (including firearms), home school our children, learn how to do things for ourselves, and so on. The more we can do for ourselves without depending on an increasingly angry multicultural society, the better off we are. In truth, what we have to concentrate on is what lies within our power now as the starting point in the opportunity of a lifetime. In other words to maximize our own existence according to prevailing circumstances.

Since food, medical care and protection are used as weapons by the governments of the world, and who says the US is any different, we need to get the chains of wage-slavery and bureaucratic micromanagement off our necks -- but not before we make a revolutionary difference in our personal lives. Work to become "untouchable below the radar." At the same time locate other EAU members / white advocates and / or supporters by interacting to help each other by forming a group or groups and work together with as little “drama” as possible, which is the bane of past group efforts. Two or more lucid sane individuals can do more and think of more practical ideas than one.

We can all see the orgy of bailouts and ghost-money manipulation that will translate into immeasurable debt for our offspring as the federal government, which long ago abandoned its Constitutional edict, tries now to repair the unholy injuries the same government inflicted on a sleeping society — by way of intrusive meddling and power mad identity / racial politics. Of course, the greatest bulk of the population paying the awful price has always been and will continue to be European Americans. Indeed, the time has already come a when our “elected representatives” decided to turn their power on their own people--a tectonic shift that has finally burst out of the ground since the election of Donald Trump. But in fact they have been doing so incrementally for decades; with an ideological shift away from a Eurocentric nation founded on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, to a global multicultural, immoral basket case. With the exception of the forecast of our racial diminishment in 2042-43 (and the bald faced glee held by the media and government as they forecast it), no one can calculate in detail the net result of this deliberately evil plot, but we can certainly make a few educated guesses.

But as we already know the United States went from a robust homogeneous self sustaining European derived nation to one that was guilt tripped and coerced into embracing multiculturalism and political correctness as a way to undermine not only itself but Western culture overall. Through the mantra of “tolerance” the next generations empowered themselves to not only open the borders to the Third World (and encourage radical feminism, white abortion and miscegenation) but to also redistribute European Americans income in order to sustain anti Western multiculturalism.

Indeed: "Whatever mistakes might have been made in our pasts, they have not only been corrected, but they've been overcompensated for... Now whites are victims of pervasive racism." -- James Edwards of The Political Cesspool radio show.

And yet in spite of all that it is clear that our responsibility now is to accelerate all manner of outreach efforts whatever they may be, whether you are a supporter of European Americans United or not to be frank about it; finding the right people in the right places who will in turn reach across whatever barriers they must in order to find others of like mind. And to be clear, these efforts must have one paramount overriding mission: the betterment and longevity of our race. As time goes by – and there isn’t much of that commodity left – an independently structured collection of people and other resources will continue the improvement and growth of a strong ideological and practical foundation that will ensure the survival of our Folk.

In short: Do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have.

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