Vasectomies to Avoid Condoms? Think Twice Young Man!
Posted on: 11/14/2012 09:10 PM

by John Young

In our casual hook-up culture, young men afraid of stolen sperm, unwilling to risk "oopsies" and unable to trust young women who say "it's okay, I'm on the Pill" are getting vasectomies in increasing numbers.

But there are three problems with this.

The first is that young men (or any men actually) shouldn't be playing casual hook-up games in the first place.

I realize there are a wide variety of wild, wet and waiting women out there who are more than willing, but they will survive just fine without you. There is literally no benefit to you whatsoever in casual sex. I realize reading about the exploits of pickup artists may be titillating, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that pickup artist tactics and casual hookups contribute to a growth of callousness in our culture that is incompatible with the long term well-being of our folk.

Sex creates bonding hormones for a reason, and creating a cultural phenomenon in which our people become immune to the bonding through casualness or repeated break-ups with partner after partner is unwise. In a promiscuous culture, we all end up inheriting partners who have emotional damage from their sexual relationships with others. Why contribute to this phenomenon when it is so easily avoided?

My mother's advice is appropriate: if she isn't the girl you want to marry, don't stick it in. Problem solved.

The second problem is that of STDs. I know plenty of women who happily encourage men to dispense with condoms when they are on the Pill. When men can reliably and provably state "Don't worry, I can't get you pregnant" even fewer casual hookups will involve condoms. After all, everyone knows that a condom reduces a man's sensation dramatically. (Hint: to improve sensation with condoms, use a ribbed condom inside-out and apply a bit of latex-safe SILICONE based lube on the side now facing your skin.) Likewise, when a man insists on condoms, some women take that personally as the man thinking they are "dirty." On top of that, because of reduced sensation a lot of guys practically won't wear a condom unless you put a gun to their heads.

Because most people are far more fearful of unplanned pregnancy than STDs, I am sorry but this phenomenon means more unprotected sex and a lot of sick/dead young men and women.

Now, look up the HIV facts on the web site of the Centers for Disease Control. That's right -- there are 200,000 heterosexual HIV carriers running around having sex with people in the United States right now, not to mention the new-and-improved antibiotic resistant versions of gonorrhea and other STDs that have started cropping up. With our immigration situation, we are even starting to see mange. And don't think Gardasil will keep you from dying from HPV. WIth the popularity of oral sex in casual hookups, it is HPV that is giving people mouth cancer. There are dozens of HPV variants and Gardasil only protects you from a handful of them.

So if you ignore my first point and decide to be Mr. Promiscuous anyway, at least wear a condom. And you should use a dental dam (e.g. Saran Wrap, NOT Glad Wrap) for oral sex. Now that you are wearing a condom anyway, what was the real value in the vasectomy?

Finally, these things are not easily or cheaply reversed. They are only reversible half the time, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Even then, they are essentially irreversible after a certain period of time because the sperm that don't make it into your semen induce an autoimmune reaction that causes your body to attack and destroy the cells responsible for spermatogenesis. A lot of young men think "Oh, if I meet Ms. Right I'll just get it reversed." WRONG.

There's a good chance when you meet Ms. Right she is going to WRITE YOU OFF as a PLAYER. She will not be amused so you can kiss her goodbye. Additionally, the reversal surgery will cost tens of thousands that any rational woman would see as the down payment on a house. By then, the surgery probably won't work anyway.

You have effectively removed yourself from the gene pool just as effectively as if you had been machine-gunned into a pit. Congratulations. Darwin would be proud.

But look on the bright side. I am a "known sperm donor." If you find a nice girl and she somehow can get past you being a player and you guys settle down, you can always raise MY biological offspring with her.

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