Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Refugee Enabler: Video
Posted on: 02/01/2017 11:27 PM

Watch as Carlson treads on thin ice, exposing what many of us have been saying -- and about (((whom))) -- for eons:

Here's the video link....

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Refugee Enabler: Video

Cultural Marxism : the oppressors according to them, are Western culture, the white race, the family the father, heterosexuals, Christianity and men. Our freedom of speech, our homelands, the minds of our people, our culture, our identity, our families and morality have been appropriated by stealth, and as with communism it has all been done to achieve certain goals contrary to what they tell you.

They tell you that we have no right to be against mass immigration because 'we colonized them in the past and treated them badly', what goes around comes around is exactly what they're implying. They always fail to mention that every race, culture and nation has done something historically that they shouldn't have, but the emphasis is always on white Western civilization and European people. These (((groups))) never tell you that the Turkish Empire, for example, was one of the longest lasting, largest and most brutal empires in the world. They practically decimated Europe.

Do you see Turks being so stupid as to fall for all the self hate that is common among many Europeans? No. Do you see anybody using the history of the Ottoman Empire to flood Turkey with tens of millions of non-Turks? No. So why then, is this agenda seemingly only pushed onto white people?

The answer is simple: they literally HATE us.

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