Tragedy Exposes Teetering Legitimacy
Posted on: 10/06/2017 02:22 PM

by John Young

When the reactions of the political class can be predicted in advance with 100% certainty, it's not a far stretch to suspect conspiracies among that class to arrange those events, whether they did or not.

The unspeakable evil perpetrated against concert attendees in Las Vegas earlier this week was horrific beyond description. Many dozens of people were murdered outright, several hundred were injured, and perhaps tens of thousands have been traumatized.

In the wake of the attack, dozens of theories have been floated about the perpetrator (or perpetrators) as well as possible motives. This has been confused as well by an ISIS channel claiming the perpetrator as one of their own, as well as (possibly fake) screenshots of an antifa website praising the attack.

One thing that was certainly not fake was the large number of people, some in powerful positions at major news agencies, literally celebrating the deaths simply because country music fans are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly conservative -- because in the sick minds of such people, being white and conservative deserves the death penalty. At least you know what to expect in a future where they hold unchecked power. And that should concern you. But I digress.

As I was saying, speculation and conspiracy theories have been spiraling in the wake of the attack, with each new iteration yielding new angles and possibilities. A lot of these theories even contradict each other, but there is one crucial thing they have in common:

The only reason all of these divergent accounts of perpetrator and motive exist is because a substantial portion of the U.S. population profoundly distrusts our news media, political appointees in law enforcement, and politicians.

And this distrust is well-founded.

In the wake of the devastating hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, President Trump mobilized massive resources and aid. But that aid was tied up trying to get into the harbor because Democrat operatives colluded with the Teamsters at the docks in San Juan to prevent or slow down the unloading of relief supplies. The strategic objective was to try to make it look like President Trump was deliberately harming the people in Puerto Rico for some sort of "racist" reason.

But think of this. People on that island were left with no electricity, no potable water, no food and no medical supplies. The primary fault of this lies with their own corrupt local government, but President Trump was providing the aid anyway. Meanwhile, with people desperately in need of necessities of life, members of our political class deliberately withheld those necessities simply for a 48 hour boost in the news cycle. That's about as cynical, dishonest, manipulative and outright evil as you can get. That goes way beyond immoral into psychopath territory.

And, quite frankly, the more public reactions of the political class have become so single-mindedly agenda driven that rational Americans knew in advance that the Schumers and Clintons of the world would be yelling to take away our right of self-defense. And sure enough, even before family members of the the murdered victims were all informed, when their bodies were still warm, the leftists took to social media and microphones with goulish delight to exploit that event for political gain.

It's no wonder people are cynical. When the reactions of the political class can be predicted in advance with 100% certainty, it's not a far stretch to suspect conspiracies among that class to arrange those events, whether they did or not. But their dishonesty and power-lust is so pervasive it is hard to give them benefit of the doubt.

And the corruption angle is there as well. Michael Chertoff who previously served as head of the Department of Homeland Security under former President Bush and has a long history of government power and selectively pursuing and prosecuting pro-European-American activists, just happens to own a company specializing in security equipment such as metal detectors for public venues. And what do we hear almost immediately on the news? Calls for requiring equipment that he coincidentally would make $billions selling, to be installed in public venues. Which would also have the effect of disarming people with legally carried firearms, turning them into defenseless fish in a barrel.

What with the predictability, corruption and the cynical psychopathy displayed by our government -- it is entirely reasonable for people to distrust them.

And thus a forest of conspiracy trees flourishes. People might see what the news says, but even the most brainwashed has the nagging feeling they might not be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This condition represents a true existential crisis of legitimacy for our government.

The more our country has grown to resemble the third world, the more our government has come to look like a third world government. And what little authority it has, is increasingly coming ... not from the "consent of the governed" or some other reasonable claim to legitimacy -- but from what it can enforce directly or indirectly from the barrel of a gun. Increasingly, people comply with edicts not because they are just or because people trust that our government knows best ... but to avoid being harmed. This is no different than compliance with government edicts in Guatemala or Zimbabwe.

And this is becoming more and more evident as the truths of multiculturalism and the low-trust atomized and corrupt societies it creates cannot be hidden.

You see, also, an increasingly desperate scrabble for censorship, enlisting the aid of private search engine and social media companies to try to keep a lid on things. And that generates even more distrust. The push to censor further proves the corruption.

In practice, our government used to be pretty competent. It could generally pull off some pretty elaborate and nasty schemes and keep them hidden. But our government was largely staffed by a meritocracy. But then came government employee unions, incredible levels of affirmative action filling entire divisions with only black women etc etc etc. Furthermore, it is increasingly staffed with an echo chamber that cannot self-critique, leading to an inability to even recognize much less correct mistakes -- so their mistakes amplify.

Today, about the best they can pull off for a conspiracy on the ground is a corrupt prosecution accomplished by twisting a law to create a crime where there was none before, and threatening the victim that if he doesn't plead guilty, his children will be put in foster care with lesbian couples who will give them sex change injections. That's not terribly creative -- it's 1920's level organized crime bullying: "Nice kids you got there ... sure would be a shame if something happened to them."

Think for a moment of all the legislators caught up in scandals over mistresses, with Tim Murphy being just a recent example. Granted, to be someone extremely famous means chosen mistresses are presented with enormous levels of temptation to talk. But at the same time, the frequency and scope of these revelations demonstrates in microcosm the incompetence of these guys to run a decent conspiracy. They can't even manage a conspiracy of two people -- themselves and a mistress -- without the beans spilling. Can you imagine them managing a multi-agency conspiracy involving a few dozen specialists in various fields?

But notice for a second that my defense of the government against conspiracy theories is NOT that they are good, or trustworthy or honorable. No indeed -- I am saying they are too incompetent. My defense is that they are too stupid and self-serving to pull off a complex conspiracy.

But are they?

And here is where the deep state comes in, because we KNOW the deep state is competent.

So the only part of our government which is competent and CAN run a successful conspiracy is the one that lives in shadows and is utterly and completely unaccountable, while the rest of our government is busy with goulish opportunism, corruption and scandal.

Which brings us back to a true existential crisis of legitimacy. If the only reason I obey you is because you'll kill me if I don't -- you are not a legitimate government of a free people. You are a thug. It seems that welfare recipients aren't the only thing our government imported from Somalia.

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