Three Pillars of the Offensive
Posted on: 10/16/2018 04:11 AM

by John Young

It makes zero sense to pay over $100/month to subsidize people who, if they had their way, would literally want you dead and would laugh at your weeping children.

The situation we face today with globalism is complex and in all likelihood stretches back centuries. Consider the trade in African slaves as an early example of globalists making money hand over fist in the moment, with no regard whatsoever for the long-term ramifications to the cultures effected.

How much of globalism is just a matter of people pursuing short-term personal interests with no regard for the future, and how much is controlled by the multi-generational plans of shadowy institutions is hard to say – especially from the outside looking in. But we can be certain that the highest levels of international finance do all they can to assure only those friendly to their plans will hold the power to affect them.

The assurance of friendliness is accomplished in many ways. Though the “pizzagate” theory is likely not explicitly true, evidence points to a substantial likelihood that for many, access to power is granted in exchange for being compromised in ways that make them easily controlled: participation in widely socially condemned sexual practices, for example. In other cases, it can simply be explicit self-interest and family loyalties. However it is done, due to the way campaigns are financed and media works in democracies, it is rare for someone who would actually advance the interests of the people against the forces of globalism to find himself in a position of power … without being assassinated.

This is a reality, and one of the reasons full frontal assaults against the system are unlikely to succeed. Assaults against the system, to be successful, have to bypass points of control and undermine them.

Too often, people misunderstand some fundamentals. The reality is that nationalists are a dissident movement operating against a very powerful global empire. And the tactics we have to employ need to reflect that.

You cannot win a fight with only defense. No matter how perfect your defense, sooner or later something will get through your guard, and when it does, you will be weakened. And then even more attacks will get through your guard, weakening you even further. Eventually, you are attacked at will by the opponent, taking damage until you are no longer able to fight.

This is why conservatism fails. Along with all the ways in which it can be compromised and turned into a false choice between people who serve globalist masters, even without this, conservatism is a defense-only position and thus will always fail. This is why conservatives cannot point to victories in the past 100 years, whereas globalists and leftists can point to a path of successive victories. One hundred years ago, fewer than 2% of our children were even born out of wedlock. And today you have to be concerned that a “woman” possessing fully functional male equipment will follow your daughter into the restroom, and if you object you can go to jail.

The current system in the United States can be seen as an edifice resting upon four pillars. Weakening any of these pillars compromises the strength of the edifice. These pillars are: media (including social media), finance, academia and the legal system.

So … how do we take the offensive?

We have no access to the top of the edifice – nor would we want it, given the price – but we can attack its pillars thereby diverting its attention and weakening it. Substantially weakening just one pillar makes it unstable. Substantially weakening two legs will bring it down. The key here is that we need to be building our own edifice as well, so our attacks on the base of our opponent should likewise build our own base.

Of the four legs – media, finance, academia and legal – the first three are the most easily attacked. The fourth, being so tightly integrated with the enforcement powers of the state is a bit tougher nut to crack. Let’s start with media.

Media is a powerhouse for the leftist globalists. Not only does it have hundreds of billions in direct income from which it assures the loyalty of its talent by paying them more than they could ever be worth in any other sector, but it can also convey powerful propaganda that bypasses critical thinking while also artificially limiting the information available to people from which they can make informed decisions. This sector includes not merely TV, radio and movies, but also includes books, textbooks, magazines, libraries, music, newspapers and most recently Internet search engines such as Google and social media such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Media is also the most vulnerable segment of the opposition’s base, mainly because nearly every use of it is voluntary, it is not necessary in the same way things such as food are, and in many cases alternatives are available.

One longstanding campaign, “TV is Child Abuse” documents the literal brain damage that viewing TV does to kids, and circulates petitions to impose taxes on cable boxes to offset the increased special education spending necessitated by exposing kids to TV. It’s a powerful campaign because it is true, and because even if it fails to achieve its stated objective, it informs people of the dangers, thus decreasing their usage. TV advertising revenue, as well as the fees charged to cable companies by programmers, depends on the number of people watching. Reducing viewership reduces revenue.

Many other tactics are also available. Remember: if you are not paying for a service, you are the product, NOT the customer. Entities like Google, Facebook and Twitter make money by giving advertisers access to your time and attention – and in some cases sharing your personal data. Given the number of data breaches or instances of sharing sensitive information with third parties of late(1), a compelling case can be made for people to abandon using these platforms all together. This is made easier by the fact reasonable alternatives are available such as, and (among many others).

Its easy enough to change your default search engine to DuckDuckGo. Just doing that one thing inflicts a cut on Google – but also other sites that use the cookies from Google to target ads at you, such as Facebook. Of course telling your friends to find you on Minds or Gab instead of Facebook or Twitter can make a difference as well. Each set of eyes that leaves those platforms inflicts a cut in terms of declining ad revenue, and having less personal data to sell.

Along with social media and search engine alternatives, there are also alternative “radio” sources in the form of numerous podcasts that favorably compete with A.M. talk radio. And these podcasts have the bonus of NOT endlessly advertising Viagra. Spending a few dollars supporting these platforms – such as Red Ice among others – makes YOU the customer rather than the product, and helps keep people employed with professional quality productions. The same applies to music, such as the Mamas and Pepes album I reviewed recently, or that sold by the White Art Collective. Changing where your time, attention and dollars go – and helping and advising others to do the same – will start as a snowball and turn into an avalanche.

Using Hooktube instead of Youtube gives you access to the same videos while denying revenue to Youtube. Using Bitchute denies them eyes all together.

Do not overlook your own influence. If you are reading this, it’s likely that a lot of people look up to you as a solid person. You can seriously influence others if, when someone mentions a TV show to you, you answer: “Oh! No, sorry, I don’t watch TV. That’s just fluff to keep NPCs occupied.”

These are just small examples of the simple, inexpensive and risk-free things you have the power to do RIGHT NOW. If you aren’t doing them, you are crazy. Did I mention canceling your cable subscription? It makes zero sense to pay over $100/month to subsidize people who, if they had their way, would literally want you dead and would laugh at your weeping children.

The finance sector is where most of the money in this system is concentrated. It is also the sector that directly or indirectly controls everything from whether or not you can open a checking account to how much it costs you to pay rent or a mortgage. It is the system that shuts down the ability of pro-European-American advocates to collect payments while providing that same ability to violent communists like Antifa. I have explored the fundamentally corrupt nature of our finance sector in numerous articles and podcasts, so I won’t repeat those explanations here. Instead, I want to talk about how, just like with media, it can be bled and weakened with tons of tiny cuts while we simultaneously empower ourselves.

In previous articles, most recently this one, I have discussed moving as much as sensible to the community and home economy. The home economy in particular hurts the financial sector in two ways. First, if one of the spouses stays home, that costs them a wage slave which hurts them at every level: no car loan, no payroll taxes, no $3 cups of coffee on the way to work and so forth. Second, every bit of production in the home economy offsets income from the other spouse in a completely tax-free way. Whether it is growing a home garden, home prepared meals, home schooling kids or arts and crafts sold at the farmer’s market on weekends, the home economy is a giant win.

Likewise, I have previously discussed cryptocurrency generally, and Monero in particular. In fact, Monero is the only form of payment we accept. The use of cryptocurrency for transactions makes them completely non-existent to the regular (finance) economy. The way things usually work, when you use a debit card as many as four entities other than the retailer get a cut of the pie. And all of those entities hate you. When you use Monero, you pay a fee for miners to confirm the transaction, but none of those entities receive a dime. Obviously, I stress that even if these transactions seem invisible, any income tax due and owing should be carefully accounted for and paid. But even at that, you are taking money away from a lot of little parasites that amass enormous wealth from skimming fees.

Crypto that gets converted to and from dollars at Coinbase or Binance will ultimately end up being used in the regular economy, limiting the damage you do. Where the damage we inflict on the finance pillar is greatest is when our productivity is completely withheld from the regular economy. As previously discussed, I don’t recommend holding crypto, especially Bitcoin, as an investment or a store of value. It’s just too volatile. Nevertheless, if 60,000,000 white men were to store even $100 in cryptocurrency, that would pull $6 billion out of the finance economy overnight – poof.

So the next phase is to do as much business with each other, using cryptocurrency exclusively, as possible. And even accepting it as payment at farmer’s markets and the like. If I am making skin cream and buy my oil from Dan and my beeswax from Jake and then sell my completed product to Sue, and then I use my profits to pay James to help me weed my garden … that entire line of transactions not only cut out the middle men who hate us, but denied the finance economy the movement of that money. One of the reasons we accept only Monero as payment is to encourage people to learn how to use cryptocurrency. If black market scumbags can figure it out, surely our best and brightest can do so.

The next stage is reduce, reuse, recycle. That is, for example, instead of buying a new car (average monthly payment $515), buy a decent used one for 80% less. And if it needs repaired, well it would need an amazing number of repairs before those costs exceeded yearly payments topping $6k, yes? And if you have a friend who will help with the labor in exchange for crypto so the only money you are putting into the finance economy is for the parts, so much the better. Which brings me to …

DIY skills. Though this partly falls under the next section, DIY skills in plumbing, carpentry, woodworking, welding, auto repair, and electrical wiring among others are invaluable. Not everyone can know everything, of course, but you’d be shocked at how much money you can save doing a simple job like replacing brake pads and rotors yourself. There are numerous books in public libraries explaining these subjects and though it’s not as good as growing up with your dad showing you step-by-step, you’ll catch on. Tools purchased in the finance economy are worth the diversion because they pay for themselves a hundred times over.

With just a handful of wood tools, I have not only made rather impressive furniture for myself, but also made very sturdy dollhouses that will be treasured heirlooms. You can do the same!

This is also an instance where knowing your pro-European-American friends in real life can pay off, because it will facilitate skill exchange. Mind Weapon, who occasionally writes here, is a personal friend of mine and we do routine skill exchanges to mutual benefit. Most recently, I taught him how to solder and he showed me a useful balance exercise. There are other EAU members and friends with whom I have worked on numerous projects, ranging from me helping to edit books for one member to another member coming up with ideas and doing the mechanical drawings for a patent filing. Together, we are much greater than our sum as individuals. Increasing contact between members – because all of our members are extraordinary – is a key to making this happen.

And again, we can be the trend-setters and then let it expand beyond us. In a recent poll, 35% of respondents stated that they are now explicitly voting for white interests. That’s slightly more than half of white Americans, which is huge. Imagine if we could expand to get only 15% of white Americans to divert $30k annually into our alternate economy. Not only would that make us as a group more resilient to economic attacks, but it would make a TRILLION dollars disappear directly from the finance economy on an ongoing basis, along with all the multiplier effects.

But it has to start with US.

Academia encompasses a gigantic left wing and globalist propaganda apparatus stretching from kindergarten through graduate school. To add insult to injury, we have the most expensive educational costs in the world, and studies indicate education majors have the lowest average IQ of college attendees. The means that especially in primary and secondary school, along with force-feeding propaganda, most of the teachers aren’t smart enough to recognize or handle gifted kids, or even to realize their own role as propagandists. Before they abolished the test due to sheer embarrassment, it was discovered that fully 1/3rd of the Massachusetts college graduates with degrees in education couldn’t read and write at a 10th grade level.

And the college level is even worse. Because it lives on the subsidy of federally guaranteed student loans, there is a complete disconnect between choices and consequences, allowing colleges to not only be filled with lard and waste, but to subsidize an endless parade of left wing activists as they concoct new justifications for our genocide, such as “white privilege” or create endless poor or outright falsified “studies” supporting a million socially destructive agendas that find their way into practices in education, psychology and social work. And as if our kids being saddled with student debt to start out their adult lives were not enough, these colleges serve as guaranteed income sources for Antifa activists and all manner of hateful people who don’t even want our kids to exist – while indoctrinating them in self-hatred.

To say these institutions need to be destroyed is an understatement. Until we have our own edifice, this is not practical. But in the meantime they can be seriously dis-empowered. The first two things are political: on town ballots, always vote for the minimal funding for public schools. In addition, write to your Congress critters and ask them to end the Federal guarantee for student loans. And tell all your friends to do it too. Circulate petitions. Then, write to ask that student loans be dis-charched in bankruptcy. These two things would suddenly make colleges dramatically more accountable.

Although there are exceptions for extremely gifted or special needs kids, and there are parents who are simply not capable of home schooling, to the degree it is possible, our kids should be home schooled. To this end, EAU has a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for the first six grades and is working on the rest. There is also a free high school available – complete with honors and advanced placement classes – called Connections Academy. This accomplishes several things. It removes kids from the direct influence of indoctrination and public shaming by teachers to enforce group-think conformity. It gives kids a dramatically better and more comprehensive education – graduates of our first six grades are more knowledgeable than most college graduates. It pulls our kids from their school testing programs, which will lower their aggregate test scores, thereby reducing their share of the tax pie and removing excuses for racial differentials in achievement.

For post-secondary education, I am still in the process of rewriting EAU’s Guide to Completing Your College Degree. Please don’t purchase any current versions of the book, because they are out of date. Nevertheless, let me give you some options.

There is always a need for skilled trades people, and unlike office jobs, welders, electricians and auto mechanics who work hard and show up every day tend to be relatively secure in the face of politically motivated economic sanctions. They also pay well. This likewise applies to self-employed burner technicians, locksmiths and more. Schooling in these fields can sometimes be completed at vocational schools during high school years, but when that is not the case the courses are far less expensive and time consuming than college, and some (such as lock smithing and gun smithing) can be learned via excellent correspondence schools such as Penn Foster.

If you want an accredited two or four year degree in Electronics or Information Technology, World College is an excellent correspondence school with proctored exams. If you are looking for an accredited degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or Health Science (as well as an MBA), University of the People offers a free-tuition program with very affordable fees.

One of the greatest recent innovations is the MOOC – Massively Open Online Course. While these don’t generally offer direct college credit, they DO offer complete college courses even in subjects such as calculus. Often these are from top instructors at places like MIT. Once you have gone through these classes via Coursera or EdX, you will be prepared to take the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) or similar test, which WILL give college credit – and the tests only cost $85 apiece.

Standard colleges will only accepts a handful of credits via CLEP and similar exams because they are in the business of selling you the same course for $5000 instead of the $85 cost of demonstrable mastery of the subject. If for some reason you must attend a regular college, it still pays to use Advanced Placement and CLEP exams to save time and cost for lower level subjects like American History, English Composition and the like. (And if you are studying physical sciences or engineering, you WILL need to attend a regular college in most cases, though there are some exceptions I will explain in the book.)

If you need not attend a regular college, strongly consider Excelsior University, Thomas Edison State College or Charter Oak State College. All of these fully accredited state schools will accept any number of exams as demonstrating knowledge relevant to a wide array of degrees. Depending on the college, exams accepted include CLEP, TESC, GRE Subject Exams, DSST and more. Obtaining degrees through standardized testing to demonstrate subject mastery is dramatically less expensive – as much as 80% less expensive – than matriculating in a regular college, and furthermore denies all of that tuition to them while keeping you from having to endure endless lessons in nearly every class on why you should hate yourself.

Not only should you be considering these options for yourself or your kids, you should also tell others about them, and help make them a trend. Every dollar and young mind denied to the academic establishment is a win.

You cannot win without an offense. When you are a dissident fighting an entrenched power structure, you need to adopt methods suitable for that situation, rather than competing to see who can sound the most outrageous. The edifice of the establishment is supported by four pillars, and this article has detailed a number of easy, inexpensive and risk-free ways to target three of those four pillars. Not all of these are relevant for all of us, but at least one of them will be germane to each of us. And to the extent that we can undertake these, there is no rational excuse not to.

In my travels on social media, I see all sorts of tough-guy talk that often advocates either impossible or downright suicidal things. In practice, this is advocacy of nothing because it leads nowhere. But we have the power to be masters of our own destiny, to tear down the pillars supporting our enemies. We can and should lead the way.

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