The Wages of Sin
Posted on: 03/12/2018 07:32 PM

by John Young

What happens when YOU capture the attention of a monster of your own creation, and those who exercise power are people that you treated as non-human simply because you disagreed with their opinions? And you showed no empathy or remorse?

A couple of weeks ago a bright young middle school teacher in Florida lost her job. She lost her job because three busybodies with the Huffington Post had nothing better to do than identify her as having pro-European-American sentiments, and then contact the school to make sure she was dismissed.

Although she has been doxed so thoroughly -- her name has been published by hundreds of news outlets that picked up the story -- I won't be part of that and will refer to her as "Sarah."

Sarah is a recent college graduate and was undertaking her first job out of college, teaching social studies at a middle school. Unlike most of her classmates, she's capable of actually thinking, and broke out of the propaspheric matrix to question the lies and conditioning underpinning "diversity." To that end, on her own time outside of school, she had a podcast where she discussed race realism and related subjects. She mentioned during that podcast that she worked as a teacher, and unfortunately associated a real picture of herself with the podcast.

And thus the witchhunt began, with the Huffington Post leftist so-called "reporters" pouring through the faculty pictures on school websites until they found a match. Then they went through the additional exercise of correlating everything they could to "prove" that the woman doing the podcast was, in fact, that teacher. Then they published the story and contacted the school to get her fired for wrong-think.

It is hard to imagine that, not too long ago, a reporter was someone who held freedom of speech and conscience sacrosanct and would even go to jail to protect the identity of a person with whom they disagreed. No more.

The modern "reporter" is a political activist at best.

But let's look a bit more closely at what these Huffpo "reporters" did.

Sarah had a podcast that she did on her own time. That is not a crime. Not in America. She addressed some issues that might not have matched HuffPo's politics, but she wasn't calling for violence or anything illegal, violent or fattening. But that, in and of itself, combined with the fact Sarah worked as (gasp!) a teacher -- which is a position entrusted only to well-trained leftist propagandists these days -- led the Huffpo team to spring into action to track her down for the specific purpose of getting her fired.

Let's backtrack a bit. Teaching is a very specific profession with very specific requirements. Notwithstanding the fact that on average those that hold those positions are among the least intelligent of professionals, it should be understood that teaching is a very very "locked in" profession -- people need very specific credentials, those who do it usually hold those positions until retirement so there is not a lot of mobility, and those who employ teachers are overwhelmingly public schools.

So to take Sarah's job out of sheer hatred because of what she dares to believe and say -- on her own time -- is to take the time and expense that she invested into college and render it wasted. Sarah can no longer work as a teacher anywhere in this country after her name has been blasted from hundreds of news sources so that any school who types her name into a search engine won't hire her. How much student loan debt does she have? They don't care. How will she afford a roof over her head? They don't care. I even saw commenters in the Huffpo articles gloating with glee that she might be forced into prostitution to survive.

I hope a decent available man sees her plight, marries this bright, beautiful woman, and gives her a half a dozen babies whom she will home school. But I digress.

What the Huffpo reporters did here is evil. Pure and simple evil. A manifested desire to specifically DESTROY another human being based strictly on a difference of opinion.

If there is such a thing as Sin, it is written on the hearts of these people.

We don't delve into theology much here -- as an organization we support all manifestations of religion (whether Christian or Heathen) that are positive for our Folk, and decry manifestations of religion that adversely affect us. Although religion itself may be inspired by the Divine, it is practiced by the same imperfect human beings who accidentally forget to put oil back in your car during an oil change.

But even so, theology has something to say about Sin. Without going too deeply into the theology, a person who is aware he is sinning has hope of redemption, because without knowledge of sin, there is no awareness of the need for forgiveness. There is a theological and moral difference between a person who does something evil, realizes the evil and regrets it -- and tries to make recompense, and someone who touts their evil from the rooftops, celebrates it, and sleeps well at night believing their evil to be virtue. Such a person is beyond redemption, beyond forgiveness. They are immersed in their Sin.

Now lets look at the reporters who embarked on a specific project to harm Sarah. Although, like Sarah, it would be easy at this point to find their names, I am not going to publish them and increase their notoriety. Instead I will call them Ms. Loud, Mr. Cuck and Ms. Beck.

Ms. Loud describes herself as a "lipstick loudmouth" and (try to act shocked) a "Manhattanite." She is so disconnected from the reality of the profound harm that she did to Sarah, she doesn't even see the irony when she posts: "MEN OF THE WORLD: IF YOU MUST BREAK A HEART, HAVE THE HUMAN DECENCY TO SHOW EMPATHY." Ms. Loud ... where is YOUR empathy? This country was founded on differences of opinion. There was no reason for you to invalidate Sarah's educational investments. Did you give a single thought to Sarah and how she will put food on her table?

Mr. Cuck is obsessed with so-called "white supremacists." This is a label he applies to pretty much anyone who wants to avoid genocide through deliberate demographic replacement. A perusal of his Twitter feed shows him rejoicing in Antifa "victories." Antifa was, of course, founded by the Soviet communists after their murders of millions of people. So Mr. Cuck has no problem with those who use violence to achieve political aims (Antifa -- the very definition of terrorism) but rejoices in harming Sarah for daring to use mere words. A person like him is so immersed in his echo chamber that he doesn't realize how despicable his acts appear to even normal people. So he celebrates them.

I like to save the best for last, so here comes Ms. Beck. Rather than being an education reporter as described in her profile, she is a fierce opponent of school vouchers. School vouchers are a way of introducing competition into our failing school system by allowing parents to send their kids to alternative schools. This would be a benefit to kids of all backgrounds, especially given that our illiteracy rate is so high at this point that it is worse than it was before we had public schooling at all!

Showing that whatever education she already has ... has been wasted, she posts tired attacks on our Constitutional rights such as "The Constitution gives guns greater rights than women." Really? Can women in America go to the post office? Or a school? That's good, because firearms are not allowed. How about a court room? Are women allowed in courtrooms as lawyers and judges? Well that's really interesting because last time I walked into a courthouse, they literally confiscated my keys as potential weapons. So Ms. Beck is a lady who has a profound lack of perspective and a tenuous grasp of reality at best. (Either that or she is a liar.) I wonder how Ms. Beck would feel if she suddenly found herself unemployable over expressing the opinion that Jews have a right to exist, just as Sarah expressed the opinion that white people have a right to exist?

These are three people immersed in Sin to such an extent that they don't even realize what they did was wrong. Even worse, they celebrate their evil acts as virtue. They live in a place and surround themselves with people so that they have no risk of ever actually being exposed to a cogent refutation.

Even more importantly, because it is the nature of all people to try to see themselves as good, no matter what they have done, after destroying the life of an innocent young woman, these reporters cannot allow their opinions to be changed. That's because to change their opinions they would have to look in a mirror and realize they had done evil, regret it, and try to make recompense. And if they did that, they would suffer, in all likelihood, an even worse fate than their victim.

So they are locked in. They can't escape. Any hope they ever had of free will is now gone.

Scripture often has many meanings, many layers of understanding, many applications. The common understanding of "the wages of sin is death" refers to alienation from deity, resulting in one's eternal damnation. But it goes a bit deeper than that.

The concept of Sin, though at base reflecting a disobedience to divine law, also reflects real-world consequences. What kind of society do you end up living in if there is endless envy, greed, murder and theft? And how will you fare in that society?

These reporters have locked themselves into a paradigm that only goes in one direction: it is the use of state and economic violence against dissidents to deny them the means to sustain life. In some cases, they have directly allied themselves with people who use physical violence for political reasons. That works fine when you are allied to that power, but what happens when that power shifts as it inevitably will? What happens when YOU capture the attention of a monster of your own creation, and those who exercise power are people that you treated as non-human simply because you disagreed with their opinions? And you showed no empathy or remorse?

And it goes even deeper. As previously described, the extension of Sin requires a lack of awareness of itself AS Sin. Which means those who engage in it are going to repeat what they have done until they are dead inside.

I have faith that Sarah will be okay. She was the victim of a vile attack. Being young, intelligent, insightful and vigorous, she will surprise her enemies in the days ahead and end up stronger than before. She will rise to a glorious destiny.

But the reporters? They will all wake up tomorrow as the kind of people who rejoice in destroying the means of a young woman's existence. They will wake up tomorrow in New York City, surrounded by the kind of people who also rejoice in that sort of thing. That's the pool that will provide their mates, and in which they will be forced to raise their own kids, if they manage to have any. They will wake up tomorrow as the walking embodiments of evil, and they will be trapped and unable to even recognize it -- propelled toward an inglorious fate they cannot avoid.

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