The Psychology of anti-White Hate.
Posted on: 11/15/2018 06:04 PM

Today most of the pathologizing today is directed at Western White people. We alone allow our culture and our genes to be attacked over and over again not only by other races, but by members of our own race who have become so indoctrinated in the antiracist agenda that their self-loathing overshadows their genetic interests.

Since the Left uses racism as the battering ram to enforce an egalitarian agenda to redistribute resources from Whites to other "people of color," hate is a topical subject that has not received enough attention in terms of empirical data. For example, research on altruism and sexual selection—to name just two—can fill volumes. But hate, has not been studied as intensely as the other areas of human emotions, so when I saw the book The Psychology of Hate, edited by Robert J. Sternberg, 2004, it was a must read.

First, any study of hate is inclusive of disgust, fear, and anger and should include the broad categories of ethnocentrism and its other side—xenophobia. As such, studying hate cannot be undertaken without also including the genetic component that has evolved and why and in what ways humans hate as a means of improving individual and especially group fitness within the study of group evolutionary strategies.

Unfortunately, this book failed miserably as an empirical attempt to understand hate, and instead leaned heavily towards simplistic formulations to try and eliminate hate by merely describing it, and implicating Whites most often in its cause and effect on others. I really didn't expect anything else, but occasionally surprises do happen. I know Robert J. Sternberg's work, and he comes from the Marxist wing of the deniers of racial differences. With Sternberg as editor, I suspected this book would be biased, and I was correct. So the best I can do, rather than shed any more light on the evolutionary basis of hate, anger, fear and disgust, is to shed some light on how even today's psychology is very close to the Standard Social Science Model (SSSM), and therefore unable to produce good research.

The Psychology of anti-White Hate.

I am reading the book Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature, by David J. Buller, 2005, and he states, "But Gould's argument fails to substantiate even this weaker charge. For Evolutionary Psychologists answer Gould's question by claiming that there are three sources from which we can obtain information about the [Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation] EEA: the design of our adaptations, studies of extant hunter-gatherer societies, and primate studies. Therefore, showing that we can't possibly have any evidence for Evolutionary Psychology's adaptive hypotheses requires more than Gould's rhetorical question about how we can know what our ancestors did two million years ago; it requires examining the three sources of evi­dence that Evolutionary Psychologists claim can substantiate their adap­tive hypotheses. Gould, however, fails to discuss these sources of evidence and their relevance to his argument."

Likewise, as the introduction to The Psychology of Hate admits, "Psychologists have not generated a lot of theories of hate, certainly fewer than theories of love. A survey of some recent introductory social psychology texts revealed love as an index term in all of them but hate as an index term in none of them. The goal of this book is to help redress an imbalance—to propose a number of different theories that answer questions about hate in related, but different, ways. The theories proposed in this book cover the gamut, including clinical, cognitive, social, and eclectic emphases on understanding hate.

"Authors have been asked to address a common set of questions to ensure unity of their contributions: How do you conceptualize hate?; What evidence is there for this conceptualization?; How does your view relate to other views?; What do you see as the role of hate in terrorism, massacres, and genocides?; How, if at all, can hate be assessed?; How, if at all, can hate be combated?"


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