The Power Dynamics of the Casting Couch are Shifting
Posted on: 10/13/2017 07:39 PM

by John Young

The infamous role of the "casting couch" in the careers of Hollywood actresses has been well-known for decades. Hollywood is a completely closed society run completely through word of mouth networks and ethnic nepotism. And it has insulated itself from the world through barriers erected by wealth and an unholy alliance with politics, as well as holding unsavory acts and blackmail over the heads of victims to assure silence.

The recent revelations regarding Harvey Weinstein are both surprising for the fact the revelations happened at all, and unsurprising in that they confirm something that was already well-known to be part of the industry.

At first, this appears to be merely a case of back-stabbing between brethren, in which Harvey Weinstein's brother, seeking control over the production company, let some cats out of the bag -- so the damage would be limited. And it certainly seems that major media are attempting to limit coverage of this event, with night-time talk hosts mysteriously failing to mention the issue.

It wouldn't be the first time such allegations were brought up and then summarily brushed under the rug. Most recently, in 2013, former child-star Corey Feldman revealed a cultured of covered-up pedophilia in Hollywood that had taken the lives of some child actors(1) -- and it fell into the memory hole without further investigation. In the last interview on the subject, Barbara Walters was more concerned about what the allegations might do to the industry than the actual crimes.

But as often happens, once one person who has been victimized has come forward, others gain courage. What started as a trickle has become a small stream and Weinstein is not the only one affected. The small stream of accusation, with the silence of some other media, has been manageable for Hollywood so far. But at this point, even attempts to censor victims are getting out, because the nature of the Internet, which the Apostles of Epic Evil desperately want to censor, makes censorship far more difficult.

A former singer with the Pussycat Dolls has revealed on Twitter how their management used them as prostitutes, and tried to keep them addicted to drugs as a way to keep them under control. (2) It doesn't get much sicker than that, and this is likely far from a unique case.

If prosecutors have even the slightest interest in justice, they will start doing some interviews with these victims, and dig into this cesspool of degeneracy that nearly everyone has suspected for decades.

With the long-known role of the casting couch being what it is, there is no question that revelations could surface regarding many more of the Hollywood elite. Although a few producers have started to tentatively issue denunciations, most have been conspicuously silent while waiting for any other shoes to drop.

Whether this gets tamped down and Weinstein becomes a scapegoat whose purpose is to protect the rest of the industry's degeneracy or the floodgates open remains to be seen. The curtain has nevertheless been lifted and Hollywood is no longer in a position to deliver holier-than-though self-righteous lectures to our People, exhorting us to roll over and play dead for our own genocide.

Either way, the power dynamics of the closed society of Hollywood are starting to shift. The decades of abuse that women and children have suffered at the hands of Hollywood bigwigs will be turned into a righteous fury that will disenfranchise the very people whose purpose in life has been to disenfranchise us. And that is good, because European-Americans have far too long played the roll of actresses, with America being the casting couch for those who hate us.


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