The Mistress of Diversity
Posted on: 10/25/2017 02:34 AM

by John Young

Diversity doesn't work. If you are reading this, you likely already know this is true. A particularly wealthy society can, up to a point, throw money at the various aspects of dysfunction that it induces in order to make it appear to work. Then it can throw more money at it. Then it can throw various forms of voluntary and involuntary censorship at it, so people are just unaware of the dysfunction. Finally, it can throw laws at it, criminalizing any notice people might make of the dysfunction.

Any benefits variously ascribed to diversity are a lie. Pure and simple. Unless you count ethnic food, which is about the only thing in its favor that can be brought up. And that benefit is rather dubious at best, considering a great deal of ethnic food was borne out of necessity and isn't even preferred by its own creators.

A lie has some special characteristics. Maybe a small lie will never be noticed. But a large lie has limited shelf-life due to the exponential levels of resources that have to go into supporting it over time.

If a man is having an affair on his wife, he doesn't just have to lie about the affair itself. He obviously needs the time for that affair, so he has to claim to be somewhere he is not. What if his wife calls because she wants him to pick up a loaf of bread and he isn't there? So he needs to set up mechanisms that will make it appear that he is where he is supposed to be, possibly even engaging co-conspirators. But then he has to be careful about his cell phone, or maybe even buy a secret hidden one, and pay for the service plan for that. But then he has to be careful about where it is at all times, in case his wife needs to borrow the car. And he has to be careful about any bills that may arrive for that phone while he isn't home. If he takes his mistress to a restaurant, he has to be careful about the bank statements. And the list goes on and on.

In fact, the longer the affair continues, the more things need to be hidden, explained away with more lies, and the more time, concentration and expense required to cover up the affair. And each of those moving parts has its own issues that can go wrong. Eventually, the entire edifice, built upon a foundation of lies and secrecy, will become so unstable that practically anything that is done will endanger its stability, so what started as maybe a narcissistic romp ultimately becomes incredibly stressful -- and that's assuming that the mistress doesn't start making her own demands. Eventually, practically anything that is done will serve to expose the affair.

This is how reality works. Reality follows its own laws of cause and effect, and that chain will function without regard to what we think, what we want, or what lies are told. Over time, each new layer of reality differs from what the lie would predict, and eventually that difference becomes so great that any mistaken beliefs or lies become untenable. Though sometimes people can maintain belief in something untrue, this is only so long as they can be personally protected from the results of believing untruth. And the cost of that protection escalates until it cannot be afforded.

And in this respect diversity is a harsh mistress.

Diversity at its core is a lie. The idea that somehow a population is improved by bringing people of radically different cultures and genetics is not merely an assertion without proof, but an idea that has been proven wrong repeatedly throughout history. Even in Iraq, once a strongman dictator was removed, the country devolved into civil war between various ethnic groups. Iraq, as a multicultural state, was kept peaceful through totalitarianism -- a very high price indeed. Without totalitarianism and in economic shambles so that the results of diversity could not be covered, ethnic civil war was -- and continues to be -- the result.

And Iraq is far from alone. When the totalitarian rulers of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia vacated, those states broke apart into states in which the nation and the state were more in line ethnically. When Haiti was granted its independence by France, the black population killed every single white person they could find in order to secure ethnic homogeneity.

These are examples of the gravest extremes, but long before a state with a multicultural population reaches a state of open ethnic civil warfare or outright genocide, numerous problems rear their heads -- problems that are warnings that the state is on the wrong path. Those committed to multiculturalism do their very best to hide, explain away or cover up these warnings.

For example, the city of San Francisco has refused to make video footage of crimes available, even though the footage was shot on publicly owned cameras, for fear those videos will serve to fortify racial stereotypes. The mere fact they are hiding it tells us something. Yes? Or the way newspapers, for decades, covered up black on white violence (but not white on black when it rarely happens), by not reporting the race of the attackers and often by not reporting the crimes at all. To look at our news coverage, you'd think black against white violence was quite rare, when in reality it is the most common inter-racial crime. In fact, a black person is a staggering 27 times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around. Every year, white people are the victims of more than 500,000 inter-racial violent crimes. Yet, to listen to the news, you'd think it didn't happen at all.

The same pattern of reporting applies to immigrants, whether here legally or illegally. When an illegal alien living in Anytown, USA commits a horrific crime, he is not reported to be an illegal alien. Instead, he is referred to as "an Anytown man." The pattern has become so consistent that you can tell just from the lies what is being hidden.

The fact that the problems are becoming quite bad can be seen in the steps being taken to conceal them. For example, starting in 2009, the Obama administration stopped reporting the race of perpetrators of crimes. This same technique has been adopted in European countries, where the lack of collected data makes it impossible to prove based on the data what everyone intrinsically knows: that the massive flood of immigrants to Europe has caused an epic crime wave.

But the severity of the problem, and the desperation to keep it under wraps can be most clearly seen in the U.K., where they have literally been arresting thousands of people every year for daring to say racially insensitive things on the Internet -- such as reporting the massive crimes by immigrants against the native population. Germany has turned to nearly complete censorship to keep things hidden. In the United States, where the First Amendment protects against government censorship, the censorship has been undertaken privately with social media companies removing untold thousands of accounts for wrong-think and domain registrars cancelling the domain registrations of web sites. Youtube has "demonetized" popular videos that display unapproved information.

The fact that events have gone from being mis-reported or unreported to being actively suppressed shows how close the truth is coming to revelation, and how desperate the Apostles of Epic Evil have become to keep it from coming to light. The mistress of diversity is a lie, a damnable filthy lie, concealed under layers of expense, subterfuge and darkness. Yet her reality cannot be denied and increasingly drastic and expensive measures are required. And in the end, they will fail.

The problem is that the world has passed by the Masters of Deceit. Nearly every activist now has a copy of the Tor browser, and increasing numbers of disident websites are diversifying into uncensorable .onion domains running in parallel with their regular websites. The payment methods such as Paypal and credit cards that for so long have been used to keep disidents cash-starved are being replaced with bitcoin or inherently private monero cryptocurrencies.

The more desperately they try to hide their lies, the more their actions are proving the Men of the West to be correct.

The Mistress of Diversity is a harsh mistress indeed. Portrayed as beautiful and desirable, she carries the worst diseases. When her beautiful crimson lips open, her teeth are smeared with the blood of our children. The reality of her evil cannot be denied, and the light of day will destroy her.

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