The Ethnic Politics of Guns
Posted on: 03/03/2018 05:10 PM

Gun ownership is a staple of White American culture. When the left attacks the Second Amendment, they are really attacking White people.

Like many of you after a school shooting I find myself in a panic hole reading article after article about stats and figures on gun control, sweating bullets as the kids get paraded across the screen telling the viewer how terrible guns are, and generally feeling nervous about the future of one of the most important of our enshrined rights as Americans.

Our opposition is determined in their end goal of our destruction. They have been rebuked many times before and have made the same arguments each time. What has changed, though, is the demographics; these people have brought their Third World subservient mentality to our country. Not only that, they have been trained to think that gun ownership is implicitly racist by their Jewish handlers in the media and education.

The Ethnic Politics of Guns

Many times over the years there have been pushes like this one to take away the citizenry’s right to bear arms. There is not a lot of evidence to support that it will be successful in any meaningful way, but it’s important for us to realize how this ties in with so many other factors in our lives. The non-White groups WANT White people to be disarmed. This is such an important factor that needs to be driven home to so many gun owners in America.

A quick glance at South Africa is all one needs to understand what is happening. We all now what’s going on inside of the mind of a leftist. These people want us to not be able to defend ourselves as their ultimate game plan is executed. Hopefully it will never have to come to that, but the unfortunate reality is that this posturing on gun control is a sign of circling wolves.

Will the Second Amendment ever be repealed? Not as long as we have a legitimate government, but what is important here is to understand what’s happening. To know our opposition’s world view is to understand the full context, and this allows us to attack their ideology’s root. They want to disarm White people and, despite their ability to own guns themselves, would rather the state push us to the fringes of our own country by force. Now, no leftist will admit this readily, but it colors their entire perception of the gun control debate.

A firearm allows you to exist outside of the structures they have created to control us within the society they force us to participate in. You do not have to rely on the police who do nothing. You become the arbiter of what you feel is just in the moment against people who have attempted to end your life, all without the oversight of an appointed judge who has attended 12 years of Marxist programming. It’s an affront to all that they stand for. The mere idea that a person is capable enough of this kind of agency is dangerous to their ideology. The gun is not a gun to them. It is a dangerous idea.

Buy a gun. Learn how to be efficient with it. Join the NRA and the GOA. This is a part of our identity that is currently under attack. They have removed the idea of the White family with firearms as a positive healthy part of a high trust society. They have used it as another proxy to attack White people.

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