That's Not Who We Are
Posted on: 11/22/2017 03:18 PM

by John Young

"That's not who we are," is a very preachy moralistic phrase used to socially exclude and psychopathologize people opposed to the globalist agenda who insist that their children shouldn't have to attend schools with parasite-ridden third world primitives, illegal aliens of various stripes or members of embedded Muslim terrorist cells. It is a phrase intended to morally disarm people who don't want their little girls sharing the restroom with mentally ill transexual men with AIDS.

I think it is worth taking this phrase back, because even though it arises from an attempt to pathologize our very healthy instincts of self-preservation and protection of our children, it can also be a powerful statement of identity that encompasses not just our Folk and culture, but our Western moral heritage as well.

The New York Times published an article in 2015 highlighting that our soldiers in Afghanistan had been instructed by the Obama administration to ignore the pervasive cultural practices of "allies" in Afghanistan that include the physical and sexual abuse of boys. (1)

Our government has worked closely with Pakistan, who also has a plague of sexual abuse of boys in their Muslim schools. (2)

Race is not a social construct -- but society IS a racial construct. It is a product of the interaction of genes, culture and environment over time. So it is not surprising to discover that there is no magic that happens when persons from these cultures arrive in a Western country. They bring their genes and resultant culture with them.

Although Internet news channels now do a very good job of censoring data that doesn't support the globalist narrative supporting white genocide, you can still find the truth.

In Britain, for example, you can find hundreds of allegations of abuse related to the Muslim madrassa schools, but successful prosecution is rare due to the fact the Muslim population will not cooperate with British authorities. (3)

And although the traitorous Swedish government deliberately obscures the situation by refusing to even collect data on the immigration status of those who have turned rape into fun passtime in their country. Migrant rape gangs roam the streets, turning Sweden into the rape capitol of Europe. (4)

In Germany, observers call the phenomenon a "widespread nightmare of migrant sexual violence." (5)

And anyone who reads this news site is well aware of the pervasive criminality we have imported from our open sewer pipe to the third world -- the sexual gang violence, the murders, the drugs.

Is THAT who we are? No. THAT is NOT who WE are.

Although any culture has issues with criminality, European-American culture has never been about such behavior. In OUR culture, such behavior is exceptional and not accepted. It is prosecuted and shunned. Those who commit such acts are imprisoned or executed.

But our globalist-controlled government has been mass-importing cultures for whom the sexual molestation of young boys, the gang rape of women and a very high level of ancillary carnage are normal. That is who THEY are.

But it is not who WE are.

Those who are not us must be physically excluded, or the America of tomorrow will look like the Ciudad Juarez or Pakistan of today.


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