Ten Points For 'Conservatives'
Posted on: 02/01/2019 06:02 PM

The defining characteristic of modern conservatives is emasculation that runs parallel to their Marxist enemies.

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1. Pieces of paper did not create the west. People did. To be more specific, European Whites created western civilization which the rest of the world now benefits from.

2. Appeasing the left, using their terms and narratives and buzzwords against people to YOUR right will NEVER make THEM, the left, more like you OR convert the people to YOUR OWN right, that you attack, to your cuckery.

3. Your beloved “Set of ideas” and Government structure you like so much will be voted out between 2030/2050. 1 million left wing, LEGAL third worlders come from south of the border each year + illegals and “refugees”. Between 2030/2050 the majority of Americans will be central Americans, and they will transform America into a central American style, socialist country.

4. The constitution doesn’t magically enforce itself.

5. A noble loser is still a loser.

Ten Points For 'Conservatives'

6. You will NEVER convince non-Whites to give up their racial consciousness. And they wont give it up after Whites become a minority.

7. Whites will not become a protected minority, even if White's, statistically, are a minority in America.

8. Every race, except for Whites, has aggressive lobbying groups to give only their race more power in the corporate world and in Government.

9. You missed the canary in the coal mine: They were Zimbabwe and South Africa, look what happened to their minority White populations.

10. It's okay to care about your OWN people and the future of your own people. STOP caring about the opinions of cultural Marxists, anti-Whites, democrats and other enemies who hate you for not hating yourself and START caring about the future of your own White children.


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