Teetering Legitimacy and a Stateless Nation
Posted on: 06/25/2018 06:40 PM

by John Young

People died because our government was too busy peeking at our emails about home schooling to pay attention to people who had literally attended terrorist training camps.

Legitimacy is not a precondition for the exercise of force. When a kid who is the deranged product of a single-parent family and a failed pharmaceutical-based mental health system shoots random people or makes bombs -- the fact that nobody recognizes that act as legitimate doesn't change the fact that bullets and bombs can kill.

The same applies to government. Let there be no question: short of a military coup or successful multiple secessions, the United States Government is so incredibly powerful that recognition of its legitimacy is not required: it's a 500-pound gorilla so it sits wherever it wants.

People endured the repressive regime of the USSR for decades, and they never managed to overthrow it. During the entire transition from communism, there was never a substantive power vacuum where the reins of power could be seized by an organic uprising. During that oppression, people widely recognized that the news was fake, that censorship was occurring, that the government was full of lies and couldn't even meet its most basic obligations. It was seen as illegitimate both by most people who lived under it, and many outside of it. Yet, that government continued until it was damned good and ready to change -- on its own terms.

It is possible, with the help of an outside military, to topple the government of a smaller state such as Libya. But when it comes to larger states, and especially those large enough to develop nuclear weapons, it doesn't matter how much the government fails, how oppressive it might become or even if it runs large deficits. Like the bomb of a terrorist, it simply has power through force. Only a military coup or successful secession can break it up.

A military coup is unlikely in the United States. The higher up you go in the military hierarchy, the more compliant and subservient you've been to the political class. And, as you've noticed, our military is highly integrated -- which means it has become an environment where those who are not brown-nosers still can't fully trust each other in a rebellion against the chain of command. The military is also a closed system that is wholly dependent on complex supply chains, and can be brought to a halt in an instant by those controlling civilian government. In fact, their requisition system is so mired in bureaucracy it is amazing it runs at all.

All of this is saying that the fact the legitimacy of the U.S. Government is teetering and very close to crashing down doesn't mean that government itself will collapse.

Secession, is more possible, but will not be easy in the near-term due to the fact most people surrounding state governments are, to be indelicate, swamp creatures in their own right -- parasites enabled by the system secession would be intended to destroy. To illustrate this, just read Howie Carr's columns in the Boston Herald, revealing all of the inside deals and wheeling and dealing to put relatives into high-paying no-show jobs.

All of the above seems like a bit of a black pill. A great deal of pro-European-American thought anticipates some sort of collapse that will leave a power vacuum and that, somehow, we will be there to pick up the reins.

But this scenario shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how power is transferred. People who already have power get to choose who has the opportunity to acquire it.

In our own system you can see how this works. Unz wrote a wonderful article about the under-representation of European-Americans in elite universities such as Harvard. If you haven't already read it, I recommend it highly.

At a certain level, a degree is a degree. If you have a degree in Biology from a regionally accredited college, it doesn't really matter which one you attended. UNLESS you attended an elite university like Harvard or Yale. If you attended an elite university, you are automatically part of a club that self-promotes opportunity. So if you left the University of Podunk with that degree, you might get a job as a lab assistant somewhere. But if you got that degree at Harvard, you will be directing a program for a company that will pay for you to get your Master's. So it is a path to power. All of those degrees require the same knowledge, so quite literally its about WHO you know, not WHAT you know. It's about having the connections that provide plum opportunities.

This is even more stark in the political realm. One of the more frustrating aspects of the Trump presidency is that in a lot of respects he keeps appointing the same old Swamp Creature professional hacks that were not only present in prior administrations that created the problems he campaigned on solving, but actively oppose his program!

The reason for this is that for three generations now, the educational, internship and employment paths that put people in a position to even be considered for a cabinet role have been restricted to people committed to globalism, multiculturalism and other failed philosophies. When you review the Unz article cited above, you will see that path to power is systematically denied to ordinary European-Americans.

So quite frankly, we are not (yet) in a position to actually take the reins of power, even were those reins to be available. That's the second black pill.

The legitimacy of our current government is quite rightly questioned whenever it fails to perform its most basic duties as a government. For example, this government spends untold millions of dollars -- maybe even billions -- on the surveillance of pro-European-American organizations and individuals who have never harmed a person, and have no plans to do so. But manpower is not infinite, so while all of their time and energy has been invested in that useless enterprise, time and again American citizens have been murdered by people that our government was even warned about in advance. This ranges from the school shooting in Florida to the Boston Marathon bombing. People died because our government was too busy peeking at our emails about home schooling to pay attention to people who had literally attended terrorist training camps.

That is just one example, but an important one. Our border is another. A government that will literally and deliberately fail to enforce its borders in any real sense is not legitimate because it is literally a Trojan Horse destroying the very nation it is supposed to protect. It is well known that Americans have overwhelmingly wanted a complete end to all immigration -- whether legal or illegal, yet the Creatures in Congress are so beholden to donors such as Singer and Koch and Soros that they have literally worked AGAINST that end, proving again that the U.S. government no longer has legitimacy. It has force in spades. But no moral legitimacy.

Another great example shows what has gone on with the FBI, wherein career hacks and biased Democrat operatives in positions of power within that organization deliberately worked to undermine the very "democracy" that provides their legitimacy. And don't forget Lois Lerner and the IRS deliberately targeting right wing organizations in a breathtaking misuse of government resources, and completely escaping any responsibility for that crime. And who can forget Hillary Clinton's brazen crimes involving improper handling of classified information? This is the stuff of third-world dictatorships, and not a government that supposedly derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed.

One more example. When voters in California enacted a referendum to ban gay marriage, the will of the people was overridden by Federal courts. Later, despite the fact the overwhelming preponderance of States did not recognize gay marriage, it was forced on the country by the Supreme Court via the "full faith and credit" clause which, ironically, has never been used to convey rights to bear arms, which (unlike homosexual "marriage" ;) are even included in the Bill of Rights! So "democracy" is only respected by the government in Washington when it agrees with their agenda. When it disagrees, they simply declare it invalid and do whatever their campaign donors require.

So there is no question that our government is already facing a crisis of legitimacy, and that will only get more intense as the problems related to this get progressively larger.

As previously described, a crisis of legitimacy doesn't lead to the collapse of government. Even in Venezuela their government is intact. But what it DOES lead to is massive non-compliance.

This is what happened in the Soviet bloc. People simply bypassed that government, undermined it and ignored it in every circumstance where they could. You see that happening here already, and that will only grow.

But what I am really pointing out here is more profound: as you know, we European-Americans constitute our own ethnic group, a nation. Up until maybe 1965 we had a government that, in the main, represented us -- that is to say, our nation and the state controlling the territory we occupied were in sync. But now, the government that controls that territory most assuredly does NOT represent us, and in many cases is actively hostile to us. It takes on the trappings of an occupying force more than a representative government, actively engineering our replacement and treating as as second-class citizens -- even explicitly so through Affirmative Action. Thus, we are a nation without a state.

Let me repeat that again: the crisis of the legitimacy of the government in Washington has turned us -- a unique nation formed from the European Diaspora -- into a stateless people.

Our current challenge is to raise awareness of that fact, and then to organize around it. A stateless people is very vulnerable, so our next challenge is either to bring the state back into sync with the people it was founded to protect, or to create a new state or parallel society.

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