Taylor Swift Targeted For "Possibly" Not Being Sufficiently anti-Trump
Posted on: 09/14/2017 01:04 AM

The following article is based on an article from the Daily Beast--which we refuse to even remotely link to. Feel free to do so.

Pop music star Taylor Swift may be talented, but she may or may not be part of the Trump resistance. For that, she apparently is worthy of being destroyed. Yes, destroyed.

A recent Daily Beast article judged her to be "inarguably talented" but "highly secretive at best and deceitful at worst." But unless she wants her "vision of glowing headlines and a fresh new start" to "stay a fantasy," wrote (((Amy Zimmerman))), she should publicly announce "that she didn't vote for Donald Trump — even if that means p——— off some of her fans."

This is nothing more than straight up blackmail. What does Swift's music have to do with one presidential vote specifically or her politics in general? Is ideological purity necessary for musicality? Apparently, no.

You don't need to be a fan of the singer or Donald Trump for that matter to see what kind of hate lurks just below the surface of the elite's fruity facade.

"How can you go on enjoying T-Swift music without knowing her thoughtcrime rap sheet," one Twitter user wrote.

"eek help," another tweeted to (((Zimmerman))). "It's going to be OK."

A third tweet spoke about the left in the days of Trump: "Prove you are firmly on our side," it said, "or we will take you down."

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