"Taking a Knee" Risks Revealing Too Much
Posted on: 09/25/2017 04:35 AM

by John Young

Most people do not understand the difference between a nation, a state, a country, a government or an administration. As a result, these concepts can become a bit muddled, making it easier to manipulate people.

A nation is a PEOPLE. A group of people with sense of shared history and shared destiny, speaking the same language, and sharing the same culture. The people of a Nation could reasonably be conceived as originating from common ancestors.

Multiculturalism, as a form of globalism, completely contradicts the concept of a nation in practically every sense. Multiculturalism fractures language, devalues the culture, diminishes genetic relatedness and hence trust and more, and completely obliterates any sense of shared history or destiny.

And it will ultimately result in people unwilling to pay respect to the national anthem.

And why SHOULD they respect an anthem that does not represent THEIR nation? Where is this "one nation, under God?" A government is not a nation, and historically we seem to have a government that exists for the purposes of its own perpetuation that has no ties to any given people.

People taking a knee to the national anthem are not doing what they think they are doing.

Since they weren't doing it during the Obama administration -- they THINK they are opposing Trump, or racism etc. But they are not.

Instead they are revealing the truth: that multiculturalism BY DEFINITION contradicts nationhood, and that those who take a knee do not consider themselves to BE AMERICANS.

Because if they were Americans, since it is the NATIONAL anthem, they would actually be standing and showing respect to themselves, their ancestors and their progeny.

They have revealed that they do not consider themselves to be a part of US, but instead something separate from us -- a nation within a nation. They reveal that they have an opposing loyalty so strong they are willing to make spectacles of themselves in service to it -- and consider doing so to be the height of virtue.

They don't realize what they are revealing.

But we do.

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