So Brainwashed they Murder their Own
Posted on: 11/07/2017 03:16 PM

by John Young

I have seen many conspiracy theories advanced about the tragic shooting in Texas on Sunday, including the idea it might be a "false flag."

This is not a "false flag" attack -- instead it is a natural and predictable aspect of an artificially created environment of multiculturalism and anti-white hate. If you surround atomized disconnected individuals with a media and education that tells them that white religious people or country music fans are evil subhumans who deserve death, a certain percentage of them will act upon that anti-white hate -- even if they are white.

Harvard research has proven in multiple locations that "multiculturalism" reduces trust *even between people of the same ethnicity*, increases disconnection, decreases social investment and decreases connectedness to the community. This is a FACT. It is a reality.

You cannot deliberately pursue "diversity" as a cause in and of itself and NOT have the fallout -- which includes the harms stated in the above paragraph.

Furthermore, such diversity is not a free lunch. Forgetting for a moment that the average person brought in just for the sake of diversity has such a low IQ as to be barely employable in an advanced economy -- given that, at any instant resources are limited -- those "diverse" people will displace someone. And in this country, those who are displaced will be black people descended from former slaves, and white people -- with white people the more greatly affected.

In order to make it "okay" to displace the country's founding population -- you have to make it NOT okay for them to defend themselves against such displacement. So you teach them in school to hate themselves. You teach everyone how contemptible, how subhuman, how horrible and INNATELY IMMORAL they are.

In other words -- displacement through diversity is genocide. And in order to have such a genocide take place, you must first DEHUMANIZE the object of that genocide. Even teach those who are slated for extinction that they deserve it, that it is inevitable, and to not fight back.

You may have heard the phrase "Uncle Tom" used to describe a black person who does not comply with certain policies. Most often, to be frank, the phrase is misused as a way of manipulating blacks who actually have a clue into complying with a communist party line. But in its original incarnation, it refers to a black man who has so thoroughly bought into the system of slavery that he will actually defend and perpetuate it -- even to the point of bringing members of his own race to harm.

Since the current target of genocide is our Folk, it is only natural we will see this phenomenon manifested within our own people. Since the genocide agenda has been undertaken since before most people reading this were born, lots of white people are so brainwashed they accept their own genocide as GOOD and turn morality on its head by categorizing any resistance to it as "hate."

Just look at what happened with the recently posted signs simply saying "It's Okay to be White." Look at the reactions. Merely saying it is okay to be white is being seen as a hate crime. This makes it brutally clear what the agenda is. Yes? Because the reactions -- even by white people -- of literally calling the police about a sign saying "It's Okay to be White" shows that these people have completely internalized the concept that white people do not deserve to exist.

Meanwhile, because religion was seen as an impediment to first communism, then multiculturalism and then globalism, it has been brought under determined attack for generations. Many churches have succumbed to warped theological reasoning and specific take-over attempts that have resulted in most Christian denominations becoming so meaningless as to be unrecognizable and literally being turned into tools to further our genocide. But those who have managed to resist have become a specific target of public scorn and ridicule to such an extent that the only people it is acceptable to publicly lampoon are Christians and white people -- especially white men.

In this cultural context, Devin P. Kelley -- the man who perpetrated the senseless mass murder this past Sunday -- is a perfectly logical outcome both of the culture and a string of errors.

Devin Kelley was an avowed atheist. As an objective person will observe, proselyte atheists, not by coincidence, are all too happy to cut down Christianity but for some strange reason leave other religions -- such as Judaism, Islam and Hinduism -- alone. He was not merely an atheist -- someone who lost or never had faith -- but someone who actively hated the existence of that faith in others. His Linked-In profile reveals a man tied to "social justice." His romantic history shows a man so deracinated that he married a Mexican woman and had a child with her.

But more than that, his criminal history shows a man court martialed and discharged for domestic violence and who was legally barred for that reason from EVER owning a firearm. It seems the Air Force forgot to update the NCIS system -- used to determine eligibility to own firearms -- and thus he was able to purchase the firearm he used to murder dozens of innocent people.

Obviously, where there is a will there is a way. Given his murderous intent, had he been unable to purchase a firearm he likely would have resorted to some other equally horrific means of mass murder. Nevertheless, the fact his information never found its way into NCIS demonstrates the break down in the efficiency and effectiveness of our military bureaucracies as well, which are overwhelmingly staffed with "diversity" hires at the civilian level. But that is a discussion for another day.

So here we have Devin P. Kelley. I WISH it were a conspiracy or a false flag -- but it is not. It is a simple case of an alienated and atomized man with a hatred for his own race and a hatred of Christianity inculcated throughout his life via schools, media and even his military service. It is a case of an ineffective military bureaucracy. It is a case of white people living in a multicultural environment where even saying "It's Okay to be White" is seen as a grievous affront, and that a certain number of them drink the Koolaid.

It is a horrific tragedy beyond words. Innocent people were killed for the crime of merely existing and going to church. Our prayers are with them.

And it is telling that despite two very clear church shootings in a matter of months that even in media, nobody is lamenting the anti-Christian hate or the anti-white hate.

It is up to us to point it out. And also up to us to help build community wherever we can to help prevent these sorts of events. These events are 100% preventable by rejecting globalism, rejecting attacks against our traditional religions, rejecting multiculturalism and pointing out and rejecting anti-white hatred wherever it is found. And never ever give up your second amendment rights -- it was an armed white citizen who stopped Kelley from murdering even more innocent people.

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