Sign of the Times: White Privilege 101
Posted on: 01/31/2018 08:27 PM

If White people becoming a minority due to mass immigration is diversity then when will it cease to be called 'diversity' & be called demographic replacement? What is the end point? Absolute disappearance of whites?

Racist : One whom resists the planned separation / systemic destruction of their people. Radical antiWhites preach that the white race must be taken apart / destroyed for them to achieve their “Utopia”. They call YOUR resistance to it racism. Get it?

The most notable difference between pro European American activists and our leftist opponents is we strive to instill a sense of pride in our people while the intolerant opposition works tirelessly -- as a cult -- to dislodge any sense of belonging and unity and replacing it with shame and self loathing so that we all will be susceptible to the multicultural collective.

You must no longer allow this to continue.

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