Sign of the Times: Treason
Posted on: 11/15/2017 07:05 PM

White men are responsible for building and maintaining nearly every aspect of our civilization. Every population has its lunatics--some of whom are white men--and we try to manage them. BUT--what unique benefits do Muslims bring us that outweigh the harm? That question deserves an answer.

Candidates for charges of high treason

What would it would be like if the situation were reversed, and Muslim countries were facing mass migration from a sometimes hostile Western minority? Would they hang “refugees welcome” signs from their mosques, even as they were forced to protect their mosaics and minarets with armed guards and barricades? Would they applaud Westerners for making their societies more vibrant if white women walked around Medina with their hair uncovered and ankles exposed? And if some white, Western men began rioting and looting, “grooming” Muslim girls, and slaughtering Muslims in the streets, would Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Iraq hesitate to expel the foreigners? Would they brush off the attacks, and accuse anyone worried about the violence of “Europhobia,” and open their arms and borders to yet more Westerners?

Liberals say Muslim immigrants enrich us with their culture, but can even the most committed multiculturalists give us a single example of enrichment? It is debatable whether many Americans have gained any wholesome cultural experiences from our three million Muslims. However, nearly every American has lost civil liberties, been a victim of mass surveillance, and undergone cumbersome airport screening as a result of the Muslims among us.

There are other costs. School districts wrestle with the question of whether to serve pork in school lunches or celebrate Muslim holidays. Universities face demands to set aside women-only swimming-pool hours so that Muslims can escape the gaze of men. Activist Muslim groups try to shut down lectures by speakers critical of Islam.

And how many people chose not to run in the Boston Marathon this year? How many decided to drive after Iraq’s prime minister warned last month of an ISIS plot to attack subways in the United States and France? Even today, how many worry whenever they board an airplane?

Liberals should have their own reasons for not wanting Muslims in the West: Muslims are some of the strongest opponents of feminism and homosexual rights. Indeed, it was on these grounds–and not for racial or ethnic reasons–that the Dutchman Pim Fortuyn became his country’s most effective opponent of Muslim immigration.

Islam has caused tremendous destruction. Yet it gives believers a sense of commitment that has no parallel in the West. Viewed objectively–and setting aside, if that is possible, the immense suffering it has caused–Muslim dedication is a refreshing contrast to the aimlessness of so many Americans and Europeans.

But Islam has no place in the West. Unless our civilizations stay out of each others’ way, there will be perpetual conflict. Separation is the best solution–both for Westerners of all political persuasions, and for Muslims.

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