Sign of the Times: Racism of the Worst Kind
Posted on: 08/04/2017 04:37 PM

The most notable difference between pro European American activists and our leftist opponents is we strive to instill a sense of pride in our people while the intolerant opposition works tirelessly -- as a cult -- to dislodge any sense of belonging and unity and replacing it with shame and self loathing so that we all will be susceptible to the multicultural collective.

You must no longer allow this to continue.

White anti white lemmings do not make up their minds independently. Instead they have been psychologically groomed to be incapable of doing that. They have been conditioned to look around them and try to understand what other people are thinking: their peers and their authority figures. And then that's what THEY think. They think and believe whatever they believe to be accepted by those around them, especially in the media schools and universities, and they will split hairs to the point of esoteric absurdity while denying reality in order to prove their point. Displaying their mental derangement, they twist and conform their suicidal opinions and behavior to the politically correct opinions and behavior of others, and then have the preening temerity to condemn anyone that doesn't believe like they do.

It is nothing more than a hoax forced on society through psychological manipulation backed up with authoritarianism.

But it can be destroyed.

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