Sign of the Times: New Normal?
Posted on: 04/26/2017 04:05 PM

Weakness, apathy and cowardice demand payment and all over the White West the bill is being called in. And yet no one cares that we weren't "racist." Does it matter to the maggots feasting on necrotic flesh that we did the "right thing?" This is the result of "diversity" and kosher spiritual poison. If it goes any further it will be to late to stop it.

We must never delude ourselves that we can return to some kind of golden age now long gone. However, we have to remember there are certain unchanging principles, aspects of nature, of human beings, that are eternal and cannot be altered no matter what brand of brainwashing is employed against the White West.

Those principles can still be promoted in today's world. Our people have a nature and the ability to shape and adapt to the world around us; to move forward without losing sight of what is all around us and addressing it to our people's benefit.

We must work for a future in which all of the great centers of our common European civilization should renew themselves: In Europe and Russia, in the Americas, and in Australasia.

Unfortunately, because we waited to long, implementing those principles for our benefit is now going to be very VERY unpleasant.

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