Sign of the Times: Missionaries
Posted on: 08/09/2014 05:52 PM

"Look at me. Helping these poor, poor little African picaninnies ...look at how Christian I am. I will certainly find favor in God's eyes. Are YOU as Christian as I am?" (Contracts Ebola)

Human beings are one of the few creatures with a frontal mind sufficiently powerful that it can override the instinctive tendencies we have in order to pursue a course of action based upon beliefs and principles. Our frontal mind is so powerful that – on the basis of belief – we can willingly override even instincts for self-preservation and run INTO harm when common sense would dictate otherwise.

It is this incredible power, harnessed to our force of will, that gives humans the ability to transcend the mundane and manifest our highest ideals. But it is also this power that allows people who do not have the best interests of our people at heart to cause us to act against the best interests of both ourselves and our posterity ... simply by controlling the ideas that occupy our frontal minds.

This is why our enemies work to control the media, create compulsory schooling, and corrupt our religious institutions. Once detrimental ideas are explicitly accepted in the frontal mind, we have a tendency to KEEP those detrimental ideas in place so they aren't easily dislodged.

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