Sign of the Times: Dissonance
Posted on: 07/26/2017 07:23 PM

On the day when justice finally comes to America, there will be no place in hell deep enough to hide for the White preachers and Sunday school teachers and high school principals and newspaper editors and all the other pillars of our degenerate society who have collaborated in pumping the lie of racial equality into those blue-eyed farm girls from Minnesota.

Why is the concept of so-called racism bad? Ask those who believe in it that question and they’ll not be able to cough up a justifiable answer.

What is the actual answer?

‘Racism is bad because it acknowledges the reality particulars’. And not just a specific particular, but particulars in general, for if particular things exist then they have unique qualities inherent and specific to themselves.

Equality, "racism", "social justice", etc represent an ideology; a belief system.

You can choose to believe in this ideology, or not.

Thus when someone tells you about the problem of "racism", respond by informing them that you don't share their belief system, that you don't believe that there is such a thing as racism, no matter how they may choose to define it.

Don't be a believer.

Ditto equality. You simply don't share some peoples belief that races, genders, ethnic-groups, religions, etc, are equal.

Equality is a belief system.

Again, don't be a believer.


Because there is no higher law than Nature, and its wisdom lies in its eternal Fascism.

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