Sign of the Times: Deliberate Hypocrisy
Posted on: 11/03/2017 05:02 PM

What are we supposed to do with these people?

Whenever you hear some wind bag in the media--or anywhere else for that matter--carping on about morality as it applies to diversity, what they are really describing is the "moral" destruction of White people, plain and simple. The media, more than anything else, really are the key to this problem. It is they which have undermined the old morality, promoted the new morality, and also taken the vanguard in destroying the homogeneity of our people, in which the old morality was normal, and brought about the social and racial chaos (Affirmative Action, miscegenation, busing, open borders, etc) which is part and parcel to the media's "new morality" we see today. If we are to have an instinctive informed rejection of the new morality then we must have, for starters, dedicated activists who aren't afraid to tell, and enforce, these kinds of truths.

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