Property Rights Attacked to Provide Housing For Immigrants
Posted on: 02/06/2013 09:06 PM

by Jeff Goodall

“The Intergenerational Foundation said it was not urging the (U.K.) Government to “turf out” older generations, but wanted to see reforms such as exemption from stamp duty for older people who move to a smaller property, and council tax system “overhauls”… That latter comment about “tax overhauls” has now reached its fruition with the “empty bedroom” tax.”

In an article I posted on January 20th last year, headed “Britain: Old people’s homes needed for immigrants?” I had this to say: “Older people often sell off their houses to live in apartments simply for the convenience, and for the money they can get, but many of us prefer to live in our own homes as a lifestyle choice, free of the demands of landlords and superintendents. We can decorate and arrange our properties however we want, have gardens we can cultivate to grow food and plants, and we can encourage birds and other wildlife to visit and give us pleasure in our advancing years… The move to dispossess older people of their property, and thus of their hard-earned peace and quiet, is yet another milestone in the dispossession of White people and their inheritance.”

It has been a year since then, and in The Guardian yesterday we are told of “a sudden switching on to the implications of the bedroom tax. Long bemoaned by housing professionals as ill-thought through and unworkable, and criticised by the households whose lives have been destabilised as a result, the policy has now reached a new and critical audience. For this first time this week, friends and colleagues who will not be personally affected and have no professional interest in social housing or local government have been talking about the policy.”

My post last year came in response to an article, also in The Guardian, in which we were told that:

“More than a third of homes in England are “under-occupied,” putting pressure on younger generations as older people remain in their properties for longer, a study has suggested.

“The Intergenerational Foundation, which released the report, called for tax breaks to encourage older people to downsize… Its Hoarding on Housing report said that 25 million bedrooms are empty in England’s homes.”

Of course, older people like to have space for relatives and offspring to visit for a few days, and working families with disabled children may need extra space to accommodate them, but this is irrelevent to the “people planners”. As “Hoarding on Housing” co-author Matthew Griffiths says:

“It is perfectly understandable that retired people cling to their home long after it has outlived its usefulness as a place to bring up a family in… but there are profound social consequences of their actions which are now causing real problems in a country where new house-building is almost non-existent.”

The Intergenerational Foundation said it was not urging the Government to “turf out” older generations, but wanted to see reforms such as exemption from stamp duty for older people who move to a smaller property, and council tax system “overhauls”.

That latter comment about “tax overhauls” has now reached its fruition with the “empty bedroom” tax.

Whites reproduce at less than their replacement level, and other races reproduce at considerably higher than their replacement levels, often facilitated by easy access to subsidized public housing and welfare or social assistance handouts.

And as this has been going on for several decades now, what is happening here is not that older people’s preference to spend their final years in their own homes is causing grief to “young people”, the problem is that the pressures placed on the British housing stock by third-world immigration are becoming unbearable, (one would think that it would be a bull-market for builders), and can only be resolved by taking housing away from White people and putting immigrants into it.

In January of last year I e-mailed Liz Emerson and Angus Hanton of the Intergenerational Foundation about a report they made which was carried by The Guardian in which they complained that a third of homes are “under-occupied”.

Ashley Seager of the foundation, who was sent a copy of my e-mail internally, replied to Emerson and Hanton with a copy to me, which read as follows: “Guys, I haven’t read this bloke’s email but, having spent years getting abused by readers, I think the bulk of the population are morons and should be ignored! Hv gd weekend Ashley.” (My emphasis).

Presumably he copied me in error, but you never quite know with liberal progressives… I will forward a copy of this e-mail to anyone requesting it.

So far as those such as the “Intergenerational Foundation” and the Labour Party are concerned, we are just useless “bedroom-blockers”, and the next thing you know, they will adopt the Japanese attitude towards old folks, as in “Why don’t they just hurry up and die?”

If the British don’t stand up to this “bedroom tax” idea and stop it, it will be just a matter of time before private homes will be expropriated by the state and allocated to families based on “need”, i.e. family size.

My analysis of the situation is as follows:

There is a move afoot to alleviate housing shortages caused by immigration, by punishing older (and overwhelmingly White) people for having more housing than they “need” in an effort to try to get them to sell. This move is already supported by the Labour Party, and may gain support elsewhere.

Although we are allowed to own property, governments are allowed to expropriate it from us if it is needed for “public purposes”, which term can mean whatever the government wants it to mean. And finding housing for large families may well be considered to be a public ‘good’.

And if they decide it is in the public interest to relieve older folks of their property, they already have a way to do it, through expropriation. American readers may care to ponder the government use of “eminent domain” to take property away from individuals and give it to corporations…

The U.K. government is quite capable of setting up Boards in each municipality which could be authorised to instruct the local government to make any expropriations that the Board deems desirable, and to penalize the local government if it refuses to do so.

Property rights are irrelevant to socialists and communists, and they couldn’t care less about you. They may well take a perverted pleasure in getting even with rich property owners; those British liberals and progressive ‘hobbyists’ who criticize politicians and rich people who own huge houses are just very trendily, not to mention very stupidly, making the case for their own dispossession.

If this attack on property rights works in Britain, it will be tried elsewhere. And thanks to Pierre Trudeau, whose funeral was attended by admirer and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Canada’s “Charter of Rights” specifically does not include the right to own property.

If government thinks it can earn votes by seizing private property and giving it to others, it will do so. Once governments figured out that they could stay in power by taking from the productive members of society to give to the non-productive, thus creating large numbers of “dependants” whose votes could be counted on, democracy was doomed, as far as I am concerned.

And just as a thought, has Britain ever put any thought into the maximum population its limited land-mass can support? And why do ecological conservationists never point out the dangers inherent in deliberately encouraging over-population?

The White race is under a multi-pronged attack, and those behind it must be identified and dealt with or we face total destruction.

Jeff Goodall.

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