Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance
Posted on: 06/23/2018 02:44 AM

by John Young

Oblivion is not a function of having enough numbers to directly win an election, but rather a function of how much influence we can wield.

It is impossible to know everything the future holds, but some things are reasonably predictable: barring the unforeseen, demographics will continue to shift against us; government and private institutions will continue to discriminate against us and to serve interests opposed to our own; academia will continue to cater to the most degenerate rather than to our best, academic standards and achievement will continue to decline, and so forth.

It seems like quite a black pill. But let’s think this through.

You have no doubt noticed that within many companies, one employee of extraordinary competence, possibly an engineer or other specialist, wields enormous influence over the direction of the company.

Although there are certainly cases, especially in companies whose income does not depend on competence, where outsized influence may be wielded through nepotism, in most cases a person’s influence is directly proportional to the impact they have on the company’s success and how difficult it would be to replace them with a person of similar competence.

In past eras – and even currently – there have been many instances where non-white countries were ruled by small white minorities. And although it is not widely known, this remains the case in a great deal of South America today. In fact, the ruling class in Colombia, eager to differentiate themselves from those they rule, refer to themselves as “Europeans” rather than “Colombians.” Interesting … yes?

And if you look closely at that upper class, though there is certainly some nepotism and corruption, you will find them to also be exceptionally well educated, usually with advanced degrees. It is not unusual even for the women to have degrees in fields such as architecture and to speak several languages. The “average educational attainment” of 4th grade in such places is a bit misleading because people in the upper class with multiple advanced degrees get averaged against people with no schooling at all.

Those few within the upper class who have mixed ancestry resent it deeply – and they openly lament that their parents did not keep their bloodlines pure. It’s not unusual for a man to import a wife from Europe for that very purpose.

And there they sit, a tiny white minority that is thoroughly ensconced as a ruling elite with little risk from the non-white majority of the population. (Though, to be fair, nicer apartments there come with bulletproof glass as standard equipment.) Similar circumstances prevailed in many African countries for generations. And those circumstances were never endangered by non-white majorities – but were rather brought to an end through pressure by outside forces, such as the United States and Europe.

Of course, unlike Colombia, the United States does not have an acutely racially aware white ruling elite that is concerned about its bloodlines. And our elite is not based on competence and accomplishment, but almost exclusively on the basis of connections and wealth gained through shifting costs onto the public.

So let me ask you a question. What institution has the greatest impact on public perception in a democratic society? The media. What percentage of media is owned by one small ethnic group? Basically 100%. What percentage of the US population is that group? About 2%. And even as such a small minority, nobody reasonably fears for their extinction because of the influence they can wield.

So the fact we are becoming a minority (and in many places in America we already ARE a minority) does not automatically mean we are destined for oblivion. Oblivion is not a function of having enough numbers to directly win an election, but rather a function of how much influence we can wield. Certain small minorities in this country wield so much influence they can literally take us to war even when opposed by the majority of our population. Though, today, a lot of that influence is a function of “who you know,” that influence started with people who were extremely competent and thus influential and who therefore became the people it was good to know.

So let’s go back to the black-pill

One thing we need to be able to do is assume the role of wielding preeminent influence. We want ethnically-aware European-Americans in positions of influence and power that allow them to leverage all sorts of things.

And that starts with personal improvement and how we raise the next generation.

European Americans United wants to be ready for all contingencies, so it’s no surprise we have long been on this page. Whether it was our first edition of EAU's Guide to Completing your College Degree or our exemplary HomeSchool Program (You need TOR to see it), a key focus of our organization has always been on the improvement of our current and future generations. Likewise, our statement of ethics requires our members to preferentially provide opportunity to other European Americans who are suitably qualified, as well as to maintain high standards in their own studies and professional pursuits.

This is not a coincidence. The British Army has an adage called “The 7 Ps” reflected in the title of this essay: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

It has often been said that "luck" is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and it should be obvious that we are dedicating a lot of effort to that purpose. Most recently, we have reworked our homeschool curriculum, we are working to update our college degree book, and we have inaugurated a new Special Project Group we call "Biomechanics" led by long-time member Jeronimus (a/k/a Mind Weapon) dedicated to helping our members realize their potentials in diet and exercise. Jeronimus has also volunteered to make himself available to tutor any homeschooling members (or members who are studying) in subjects such as math.

As the average IQ of featherless bipeds in the United States continues to drop and all levels of government drop in competency to accommodate “rule of the stupid,” as the country’s complexion darkens, as the children of unaware white liberals continue to receive degrees in gender studies, as communication with the H1-B immigrants becomes ever more difficult, as the average young man becomes increasingly a slob who excites no woman ... where will YOU be? Where will your CHILDREN be?

Part of our mission is to make sure that you are the most competent person in any room in which you stand. You will be in shape, exhibiting high moral character, the person whose competence is critical to making sure things work. If you are a man, you'll be the man with the best choice of loyal women. In your work, people will look up to you, and you will wield influence wisely. And through that influence, you will benefit your European-American ethnicity as a whole in myriad ways.

Because ethnically-aware European Americans are not currently in a position of influence -- partly due to being locked out by other ethnic groups but mostly due to lack of ethnic self-awareness, nobody is going to just hand us the power to advance our interests. Instead, we must prepare.

In a perfect world, we will regain our demographic dominance. And we are working toward that end too. But if that doesn’t happen, the ongoing situations in schools, government and demography will inevitably present our members with opportunities. The time for planning and preparation is now. The future will belong to us if we are ready because we can leverage influence to regain our demography.

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