Minneapolis: "Somali-American" Cop Guns Down White Woman Who Asked For Help
Posted on: 07/19/2017 03:32 PM

At this point no one is sure why this Third World poster boy shot Ms. Damond in the stomach through the driver side window of his patrol car (across his partner) while he was sitting in the passenger seat.

Minneapolis has the highest concentration of Somali diversity units in the continental United States; and we're strictly guessing this unfortunate yoga instructor, Ms. Damond, approved of her city's resettlement of these backwards unstable creatures.

The partner of a Minneapolis cop who shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond was 'stunned' when the officer opened fire through a squad car door, sources say.

Officer Matthew Harrity, who was in the driving seat, was speaking to Damond after she called 911 to report a sexual assault occurring near her home, when his partner reached across him and fatally shot her in the abdomen.

A police source told KARE11 that Harrity was 'left stunned' by officer Mohamed Noor's actions.

The revelation makes the motive for shooting all the more mysterious as it appears that Harrity did not view Damond as posing a threat.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, BCA, investigating the incident, is remaining tight lipped about what happened late that Saturday night until they finish interviewing Noor and Harrity as part of their probe.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges is demanding to know why neither officer had their bodycam turned on at the time, which she called a 'key question' for investigators.

Noor, 31, has since offered his 'condolences' but demanded everyone respect his privacy after opening fire on the 40-year-old yoga instructor.

Minneapolis: "Somali-American" Cop Guns Down White Woman Who Asked For Help

Autopsy results reveal Damond, who was wearing her pyjamas when she was shot by policeman Noor, died as a result of a homicide.

The chilling moments directly after she was killed were captured on an audio exchange between dispatch and the officers involved, on the website Minnesota PoliceClips.

The call begins just before 11.28pm on Saturday night, when an officer can be heard saying there is a 'female screaming behind the building'.

The officer says they are performing CPR after 'shots fired and one down' and call for other units, including medical, to come to 'Code 3, Washburn and 53rd St'.

No suspects at large,' the cop told the dispatcher after around a minute.

While the autopsy has determined the cause of death, the manner of the shooting remains unclear.

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