Lifeboat Ethics and the (so far) Cold Civil War
Posted on: 07/09/2018 02:55 PM

by John Young

Our enemies will continue to escalate and do our job for us – using even their control of media and their comfort in being unassailable and beyond criticism to show their hands, to show their evil, to show their intentions. The more we hold back, the more they will escalate. And the more they escalate, the more they will turn white people into an ethnic voting block.

As an ethics-based pro-European-American advocacy organization, we are keenly aware of how ethics affect our Folk, and the environment in which we live. Of course, we use ethics as one avenue to elevate our People: to defeat the threats against us, to preserve and advance the two-parent family, to stop the dangers of globalism and so forth.

For example, just through the simple use of ethics our people, right now have the power to defeat the pornography industry simply by choosing not to use it. (For those who say “it’s free!” don’t forget they make money from advertising. So if all European-American men refused to view their sites, they’d go out of business.) There are numerous ways that through the proper application of time-tested moral and ethical principles we can defeat our enemies without ever firing a shot.

In a lot of respects, although there are certainly enemies who intend us harm, we could be immune to their attacks simply by doing the right thing. As yet another example, consider the harm of unilateral no-fault divorce. Now consider that the fact those laws enacted by our enemies would be completely meaningless if men and women of European ancestry simply kept their promises. If we did that one simple thing, the entire divorce industry and the harm it does to our kids would be avoided and we’d see divorce lawyers holding signs at intersections saying: “Will work for food.”

But just like any human tool or idea, ethics and morality can be cynically misused as tools to advance something harmful. This is something to which our people are particularly susceptible, as the over 200k people our ancestors killed for witchcraft (literally flying on brooms!) will attest. “Pack a lunch kids! Let’s go watch the witch hangings and be entertained in our moral rectitude!”

Lifeboat ethics is a particular application of ethics for extreme circumstances. If you are on a lifeboat and it will sink, killing all aboard, if you allow one more person onto the boat, then even though it is a horrible choice, it is acceptable to let that one person drown to save the rest. And it is well-known that in a lifeboat at sea the privation and risk of death is very present, so that if one person dies and another who remains uses that body for sustenance, it is not held against them. Although we hate to even contemplate such choices of necessity, we inherently understand that people in such circumstances are held blameless even though if they made those same choices under less pressing circumstances we’d rightly treat them as monsters.

The same sort of situation can prevail in self-defense situations. Under ordinary circumstances, you are not allowed to discharge a firearm in a compact area such as within your home due to the disturbance and risk it can present to the innocent. But if your home is invaded by persons holding malice and they present you with immediate, inescapable risk to life and limb, it is recognized – even explicitly in law in most of America – that discharging a firearm to end that threat is acceptable.

One of the tricks of ethical prestidigitation increasingly adopted by globalists is to portray perfectly ordinary and even healthy circumstances as being a lifeboat ethics situation that justifies responses that would ordinarily be unethical or even criminal.

This technique was started by using the Holocaust as a backdrop, and it works thusly: “First it starts with X … and it ends in gas chambers for millions.” The implication is that X – whatever X happens to be – may not LOOK terribly bad on its own merits, but that because it “leads to genocide,” (or so we are told) it is both justified and necessary to treat the perpetrator of X as harshly as possible. Because the purported end result of X is so serious, lifeboat ethics are invoked such that anything, up to and including homicide, is ethically allowed.

Of course, in reality, this is not a lifeboat ethics situation, and X does not really represent the first step (or a step at all) on the way to gas chambers. But by portraying it this way, people are given license to unleash the darkest aspects of their nature upon the perpetrator of X with not only a clean conscience, but to even see themselves as virtuous – even heroic – for doing so. This is no different than the witch hangings and burnings of yesteryear. These people presented no actual risk, but their behavior was framed in such a way that they were killed in many cases by ordinary people who thought that by doing so, they were preventing Satan from literally committing mass murder.

The most obvious example of this in modern times is the logic of Antifa: “if this man speaks his mind, it will lead to fascism and gas chambers, therefore anything we do to stop this man from speaking is justified.”

So now let’s take a look at the word “Nazi.” As originally conceived, the term was a war-time pejorative used to describe supporters of the German government in WWII. Soon the term contained such connotations as referring to someone who will gleefully boil down babies to use their fat to make soap. In other words, anyone who is a “Nazi” is so horrible that they are not entitled to rights normally accorded to human beings, such as free speech or self-defense. They are sub-human and dangerous, and thus not entitled to life, liberty or anything else.

Without ever losing the original moral condemnation and dehumanizing force, the use of the term has been expanded relentlessly to describe ever broader ranges of people who oppose left-wing corporate agendas. Whereas decades ago the term referred rather specifically to people who had adopted a National Socialist philosophy, it was later expanded to encompass anyone who believes “It’s Okay to be White.” Even later, the term encompassed anyone opposed to giving children puberty blockers as a prelude to surgically castrating them in the name of “transgender rights.” And now it is applied uncritically to anyone who supports the presidency of Donald Trump.

The important point to see here is that the term “Nazi” being applied to somebody invokes lifeboat ethics, because the person so-described must present risks so great that ordinary ethics cannot apply to dealing with them.

And thus we see the phenomenon of Jeff Good being punched and then dragged 30 feet by a car for displaying a Trump flag on Independence Day. We see teenager Hunter Richard physically assaulted for wearing a Trump hat. Another teenager, in Rockville, MD, was beaten mercilessly for supporting Donald Trump.

And it hasn’t been limited to fists and cars.

The North Carolina campaign headquarters was firebombed, with the message scrawled outside: “Nazi Republicans, Leave Town or Else.” An 18 year old mentally ill white man was abducted and heinously tortured by four blacks while his attackers screamed “Fuck Trump.” Homes of people displaying Trump signs have been seriously vandalized with black spray paint, people wearing “MAGA” hats have been maced, etc. There have been over 100 such incidents in the past 18 months, so I can’t recount them all. It has become so pervasive that a website, Attacks on Trump Supporters has been created to at catalog at least the attacks that make the news.

But not all such incidents make the news. During the election season, when I had a Trump sticker on my car, I had people deliberately swerve into my lane, make obscene gestures at me, and in one case even make threatening gestures from the safety of their car in traffic using a sidearm. I never reported any of these incidents, and I am quite sure the overwhelming preponderance of such incidents go unreported.

If you think about it rationally, it’s stupid. Donald Trump, I guarantee you, is nothing like Frank Roman or John Young would be in that position. There is no wall, deportations have been modest albeit well-publicized, Israel has been strongly supported and if anything persecution against pro-European-American advocates has been escalated in both the public and private sectors. There is simply no reality to even the most modest fears of the left, let alone their concerns about mass gassings.

But, then again, it was stupid to believe people were having sex with the devil, smearing ointment on their naked bodies and flying through the sky on brooms.

So the fact it isn’t real doesn’t stop the application of lifeboat ethics by the left as justification for hateful advocacy, threats and even outright violence. Just yesterday I received news of yet another patriotic European-American – a mechanical engineer and PhD student – who was fired from his job last week. After PBS dedicated nearly a year to the enterprise, PBS managed to identify yet another man who marched in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. The man committed no crime, and the rally was duly licensed and permitted. Yet he was fired from his job nearly a year later – at the instigation of PBS – because of the implication of the lifeboat ethics crowd: first it starts with going to a rally … and it ends up in gas chambers.

Nobody has yet asked … if these gas chambers have been coming for the past 70 years, show them to me. Show me the gas chambers, or shut up.

Lately there has been a lot of speculation about Civil War 2.0. Right now, this civil war is being portrayed as “cold” – only because the level of violence against US is not being reported by those same people who are speculating. They ignore the nearly one million of us who were physically attacked last year by “persons of color.” They ignore the nearly one thousand of us who were outright murdered by “persons of color.” They ignore the hundred and hundreds of documented incidents of clearly politically motivated acts of violence and intimidation since Donald Trump’s election. They ignore the hundreds of politically motivated firings. They ignore all of the untold thousands of daily acts of bullying and intimidation … all because those things are being perpetrated by the constituency of the left.

That Civil War is only being seen as “cold” because the people who are being attacked physically, psychologically and economically at every level have not responded to those provocations.

There are two things we know as surely as the sun rising in the East. The first is that Thomas Jefferson was right in assessing that people will tolerate evil so long as it is tolerable. The second is that the left has cut itself off from critique and therefore has no feedback mechanism to help it moderate its behavior. It will continue to escalate its levels and scope of violence.

It is our task, right now, to avoid responding to their provocations and to keep this Civil War cold. Our enemies own the press, our enemies sit on the boards of corporations, our enemies are embedded deeply within the state.

Right now, any response we make other than actions of absolutely clear and unambiguous self-defense will be portrayed as aggressive and violent and will then be used to justify even FURTHER violence against us. In fact, there are factions within our enemy camp who are rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of us acting in a violent way.

So that is not what our strategy has to be. Always ask yourself: what does my enemy NOT want me to do?

Our strategy needs to remain electoral – working within the system to change the system and here is why.

Trump is highly imperfect. He is certainly not our guy. But he is also the most positive step this country has taken in many decades. In the primaries, many establishment so-called conservatives who have sold us out repeatedly, are being defeated and replaced with people far closer to our perspectives.

And that is because our enemies, ever-increasing their levels of violence and provocation, are waking ordinary white people from their TV-induced slumbers by explicitly calling for white replacement and genocide, by speaking scathingly of white people who don’t live in cities, by advocating the abolition of the electoral college, by calling for repeal of the second amendment, by attacking white people AS white people.

Our enemies will continue to escalate and do our job for us – using even their control of media and their comfort in being unassailable and beyond criticism to show their hands, to show their evil, to show their intentions. The more we hold back, the more they will escalate. And the more they escalate, the more they will turn white people into an ethnic voting block.

During the last election, for the first time in most of our lifetimes, white women broke ranks with the leftists to vote for Donald Trump. That is the beginning of this ethnic voting block. And we want that to continue and get stronger.

Our enemies are presenting us with an opportunity to profoundly change elections for the first time in many of our lifetimes. If we can pull off a Trump re-election and have even more Republicans inclined toward the Freedom Caucus rather than wealthy donors who also fund Democrats, this will also affect the deep state, putting it more in our favor and changing to some degree the balance of power as well as the range of the possible.

Always be ready, in the event of immediate, inescapable life-threatening risk to defend yourself and your loved ones. After all, the fact so many of us are attacked and murdered is no joke. But to the best of your ability, also work to keep yourself from being a target. Keep the Civil War “cold” by not responding with violence against violent provocations, because otherwise we are playing into their trap.
Instead, bide your time and work toward getting anti-immigration candidates elected. We still have a window of time, until 2024, when it is possible for us to reverse the tide and resolve matters in a civilized peaceful way.

Meanwhile, as I have previously advocated, keep in contact with various secessionist movements such as New Albion and League of the South. If we can’t have the whole country, we need to be ready to dissolve it through secession whether de-facto through nullification, or explicitly.

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