Liberalism has Been Financially Incentivizing Feeble-ness
Posted on: 07/25/2018 05:31 PM

by Mind Weapon

Liberalism has been financially incentivizing feeble-ness, rule breaking and free-riding for decades; it imports immigrants from traditional, conservative countries to maintain the proliferating population of weak and dependent free riders, rule breakers, and self-enfeebled.

As I toil in the Idiocracy-Dystopia, I see daily the phenomenon of immigration from conservative, traditional countries to take care of the feeble, unemployable, obese and “special needs” nation built by liberals.

Taxpayer money is lavished on people who often don’t want it or need it. One sees many cases where, for some reason, people didn’t access dem programs though they could have, and solved the problem themselves.

Perhaps dem programs should be in place for the truly desperate. But that’s not how it works.

Dem programs are a jobs program. They are more about the people doing the jobs, than the “customers,” i.e. the needy and otherwise messed up people. Social services are a weak proxy for real jobs that create truly needed goods and services.

However, having social services as a jobs program is not a neutral way to redistribute income and reduce inequality. Social services is aimed at the defective and dysfunctional, and therefore incentivizes being messed up in some way — unintentionally pregnant, addicted to drugs, or both!

Liberalism, welfare and social services increases the share of the population that is not contributing to society. And it puts the burden of the dysfunctional, on the smaller and smaller pool of functional people. And it brings in immigrants to compete with them, the immigrants often have “under the table” jobs, making effectively higher incomes while being paid lower gross wages, because the functional Americans have to pay taxes and insurances that immigrants simply do not pay.

Heritage Americans who are not obese, addicted Idiocrats find a System rigged against them coming and going, and an official propaganda that morally condemns them for being heritage (aka white) Americans.

And the fate of the immigrants from the conservative, traditional countries is not a happy ending, by the way. Their kids, or grandkids at best, end up “Americanized,” in other words, obese, addicted and breeding with the rainbow.

I’ve gotten to know the local Kenyan community,. We sum them up in two words, “good risk.” They are earnest rule followers and diligent workers. Hiring them or renting to them is a simple process — if they want it, they got it. Background checks or references not needed. They are that good. And it’s because they come from a no-nonsense, fascist society. Rule breakers are punished harshly, even lynched in the streets or executed by police, and free riders go hungry unless they are charming or offer something of value in their personality.

Here in the USA we have millions of people who are able to live out their lives and get free rent and food and medical treatment while remaining totally unemployable and offering nothing of value. In fact, they use extra medical care because they don’t even bother to look after their own health, and the prison system because they never had to follow rules, duh? Thanks liberals! Make America great again means undoing the Idiocracy-Dystopia that you bastards created!

But these poor Kenyans are ultimately going to be victims of America. They will not be able to protect their offspring from the poz. The poz is going to get their descendants if they stay here, and there’s not a damned thing they can do about it short of creating an insular community like the Amish or Chassidim.

That’s the flip side of immigration. I’ve heard stories of immigrant families since the 1990’s from Vietnam and Jamaica and Jews from Russia who were hard working and earnest but their kids ended up all fucked up beyond recognition in Murrikah, and they wished they never came here.

I wonder idly if it would be possible to recruit recent immigrants to a pro-fascist position; if they would be useful to us as a voting bloc? For example, a voting bloc to protect kids from the gay and tranny shit, and in return we also get the immigrants to support freedom of association and voluntary racial separation?

That would be the ultimate ownage of the libs. They think they are electing a new people, but what if the new people vote for facism instead of gay tranny race mixing and welfare gibs that libs aren’t able to provide anyway because the country is going fucking broke?

Economically contracting dystopia is a force of nature that liberals won’t be able to control, because they have always exerted control with free shit. If they can’t get their greedy paws on free shit, their Big Government Business Model for parasitic living is finished.

I think that’s where we are coming to. Immigration is the Hail Mary pass of liberalism, but it will have unintended consequences one way or another. One thing these Kenyan and Vietnamese immigrants won’t be are shock troops for Communist Trannies.

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